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Alarms and events handled by Skyresponse:system generate lots of data. To help you better understand how your application is used and to gain additional insights, this data can be made available in a data lake. The Skyresponse Data Lake Service has standard APIs for connecting to third party Business Intelligence (BI) applications such as Microsoft Power BI, Crystal Reports and Tableu. In addition, any ODBC/JDBC compatible application can be set up to query the data lake. Read only access to the individual data items can easily be configured.

The Skyresponse Data Lake Service makes structured raw data available for querying for partners and customers that want to take their insights of how their applications are used to new heights. However, the service requires competence in Business Intelligence by the partner or customer in order to create the necessary analysis, reports and visualizations of the data. Examples of use cases include reporting on the alarm handling process with drilldowns, time to process alarm comparisons over time or between days, time of day or by individuals. This is a statistics service and data are not made available on a second by second basis. Hence, the data take service cannot be used for live dash boards showing e.g. the alarms in queue to be handled. However, a dashboard showing last week’s number of alarms per day is feasible. The data types available are alarm events, log events related to alarms, periodic transmitter reports, location observations, voice calls, login and logout.

Key Features

  • Gather data on your alarms, location observations, personnel activity – in your own data lakes
    hosted by Skyresponse or hosted in your own AWS account
  • Access the data over a standard ODBC / JDBC connection from the application you prefer
  • Access your raw data items directly in the data lake
  • Data retention on individual data types is configurable for GDPR compliance
  • Multiple data lakes can be set up



The Skyresponse Data Lake Service has a base price with an additional usage cost based on the amount of data stored and on the number of queries toward the data lake.


Get Started!

  • Contact Skyresponse with your request of data types to be stored and their retention time.
  • If you choose to host the lake in your own AWS account, you will be given a CloudFormation template to install.
  • After setup you will get connection details and credentials to use in your BI application.

Further Technical Information

The ODBC / JDBC connectivity is handled by the Amazon Web Services product Athena, documented in: The raw data items are JSON documents accessible from AWS S3 with access controlled by an AWS access key/secret.
If you choose to do hosting in your own AWS account, Skyresponse will assist you to set it up based on a CloudFormation template. However, if configuration changes are done later by the account owner, the data delivery and retention mechanism may be disabled and out of control by Skyresponse.


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