WardenLink - the Wireless Smart Solution for Assisted Living  

Create a tailored alarm solution that offers full coverage, accurate positioning and efficient management and segmentation of triggered signals for Assisted living – bridging the gap between analogue to digital alarm handling. 

Skyresponse patented and affordable solution gives you the opportunity to immediately setup a solution to meet your customers' requirements, both today and in the future.

How it works

This is a turnkey solution ready for immediate installation, perfect for installers and solution providers looking to manage customer relationships and deliver a solution that meet future customer requirements and scenarios.

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The WardenLink Solution

The easiest way to start your journey from analogue to digital. Switch hardware with minimal investment, no construction needed. Easy to upgrade to our smart solution for a future proof scheme.

The WardenLink Smart Solution

Through an advanced patented algorithm that uses RSSI and pendant technology on-site personnel can easily locate a person in distress. The solution is similar to a WiFi network with nodes located around the premisses that receives the signal. The algorithm calculates nearest location where the alarm was triggered and decides if a call should be initiated or not. ​

With this technology you can cover the entire scheme including communal areas inside, (kitchen, living room etc), and outside, (gardens, parking lots and pool areas etc) as well as the individual apartment.


Choose between the following products:

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When cost is important, and customers want to start the digital transformation. Get started quickly with cost-efficient hardware. Easy to continue individualise and enhance after initial implementation.

  • App for easy alarm handling
  • Integrated telephony
  • Support for transferring alarms to third party response centres
  • On-site and Off-site alarm handling
  • Full audit trail and logging
  • Unified reporting
  • Open for smart care solutions
  • Integration support to third party systems
  • Supports both WiFi and 4G
  • High Security, Integrity and Compliance
  • 100% cloud, no on-prem servers needed


Includes full site coverage and positioning of residents with smart voice call provisioning. Cost efficient installation and flexible configuration set up. 

All features for WardenLink, including:

  • Full scheme coverage of all sites
  • Position of residents with alarms
  • Smart call initiation with nearest hub even in communal areas.
  • Indoor and outdoor

Why WardenLink?

Here’s how partnering with us can benefit your business and give you a competitive advantage:

Comprehensive Digital Transformation

Transition from outdated, wired, and analogue systems to a fully digital, cloud-based solution with WardenLink. Our platform seamlessly integrates with existing systems and supports future technologies, ensuring your operations are always up to date.

Advanced Alarm Handling

WardenLink features a dispersed alarm handling system that eliminates wires and handles all types of alarms—from analogue to digital to smart. Our system uses the Skyresponse platform to manage alarms efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and ensuring critical alarms are promptly addressed.

Customizable and Scalable

Every care setting is unique. WardenLink offers a configurable workflow that adapts to the specific needs of your sites and schemes, allowing you to build the perfect setup for your customers' requirements. Our scalable solution grows with your organisation, making it easy to grow as you go.

High Security and Reliability

With AWS-powered servers and cloud storage, WardenLink provides high security, reliability, and redundancy. Our platform ensures full coverage across large indoor and outdoor areas, maintaining robust communication and alarm handling without downtime.

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Cost-Efficient and Easy Installation

Say goodbye to high installation costs and complicated setups. WardenLink's wireless solution is easy to install and maintain, reducing expenses and downtime. Our solution also allows for parallel operation with existing systems, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transition.

One Platform, Multiple Solutions, Freedom of Choice

Skyresponse is the only solution where you have one Platform with multiple solutions: Nurse Call Solution, Warden Call Solution and Alarm Response Centre. We are vendor-independent and with our Open API's you have the freedom of choice to tailor your solution (and even solutions) for you and your customers needs.

Vendor Independence 
Freedom of choice

The Skyresponse platform is independent, allowing freedom to choose hardware* and service suppliers at any time without lock-in.
WardenLink is the only solution that lets you tailor each installation with plug-and-play components — eliminating the limitations of one size fits all solutions.

 * Supporting any dispersed alarm unit using SCAIP

Here is a list of selected products already integrated, tested and certified by Skyresponse today:

Warden Link Units
WardenLink Units

• Access Group
• AnyaTech
• Careium
• Chiptech
• Climax
• easierLife
• Essence Smart Care
• Legrand
• Possum
• TeleAlarm
• Tunstall
• Zintouch
• Other choice

WardenLink Smart Units

• AnyaTech

Door entry solutions
Door Entry Solutions

• AssaAbloy
• IP Door Entry
• Other choice

Optional life enhanced sensors
Optional life enhanced sensors

• Genius Care
• Nattuggla
• Vayyar
• Other choice

Optional Engagement Hub
Optional Engagement Hub

• Genius Care
• Other choice


From Analogue to Smart Warden Call Solutions 

With Skyresponse’s platform for Warden Call Solutions, you get access to a highly scalable and secure cloud platform that enables you to create reliable alarm flows regardless of geographical location or number of installations. Connect several facilities under one central management and allow personnel to streamline their workday and optimise their time. 

You can offer Sheltered Housing and retirement livings the possibility and ease of mind of knowing their residents are safe even if they venture far from their own homes. Ensure accurate delivery and interpretation of alarms so that the right responder receives the right alarm, every time.

Skyresponse WardenLink - 
the Perfect Warden Call Solution for your needs

Benefits for the schemes

WardenLink by Skyresponse is the ultimate choice for modernizing your care facilities. Our next-generation warden call system provides a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective solution that meets the diverse needs of today's care sector. Read more to understand how Skyresponse solves the challenges your experience and the value our next generation Warden Call Solution provides for you.

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Why choose WardenLink? 

  • Skyresponse offers full scheme coverage (both outdoor and indoor) and seamless integration to existing systems and additional hardware - eliminating the risk of triggered alarms not getting through and makes it possible to handle both analogue and digital alarms simultaneously during the transition phase

  • Combining paired alarm hubs receiving alarms from individual devices AND open alarm hubs which receives alarms from any device in proximity. This clarifies if the triggered alarm comes from residents apartment, garden, common area or other locations - eliminating safety risks for individuals when they’re not near their paired hub

  • More efficient alarm handling with flexible alarm flows and interaction between ARC and local wardens - no more overburdening response centres who’ll receive all alarms without segmentation to forward to the warden or appropriate receivers

  • High security, reliability and redundancy thanks to AWS servers and cloud storage

  • Easy integration with all market leading hardware

  • Wide range of API's enables almost limitless integration, often eliminating the need to replace too much hardware, resulting in significantly cheaper installation and maintenance

  • User friendly interface and efficient processes contributing to a faster up-and-running system

The Value a Next Generation Warden Call System provides:

With Skyresponse, you not only get a durable and efficient way to bridge the gap between analogue and digital alarm handling. An easily managed, reliable and safe system enables both you and your end-customer to find better ways of conducting everyday work. 

  • Relive the Warden

Relieves the Warden’s workload who instead can focus on providing services for the residents

  • Central Management

The cloud solution offers administration and management anywhere in the world and for several sites. 

  • Full Traceability

Full traceability of the entire alarm flow - who did what and when it was done. 

  • Segment Alarms

Identify low-risk alarms i.e. low power or lost connection which is solvable through a phone call to the resident.

  • Right Person, Right Alarm

Automatically send alarms to the right staff-member based on timestamps, logged-in personnel or geographical location.

  • Add Smart Devices

Create next-generation telecare by easily adding GPS, sensors, cameras or smart speakers, etc.


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Increase Efficiency with Custom-Made Alarm flows and Segmentation 

In current Warden Call Systems, most triggered alarms go straight to a response centre where the alarms are handled and then forwarded to the appropriate receiver. This not only causes bottlenecks but also leads to both inefficient and time-consuming processes.

Skyresponse’s platform can decipher the state of emergency of any triggered alarm, from any resident. This enables you to custom-make your alarm flow so that, depending on which event has occurred, you can choose the end-receiver beforehand - without having to go through a response centre first. 

When an alarm is triggered, the predetermined responder immediately receives detailed information about the sender and their location. This means that if a technical alarm is triggered, regarding the building for example, a technician can access the alarm through Skyresponse’s app on their handheld device directly. Cutting out the middleman of a busy ARC, letting only the most critical alarm go straight to a response centre.

Offer a more Valuable Solution as a 
Skyresponse Partner

With Skyresponse, you not only get a durable and efficient way to bridge the gap between analogue
and digital alarm handling - you get an easily managed, reliable and safe system that enables both you and your end-customer
to find better ways of conducting everyday work.


Choose between ready-built integrated hardware and third-party services.


Complete safety both for infrastructure and staff with AD, Single Sign-on & Two-Factor Authentication

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Reliable reporting

Integrate business- and operating systems for a better exchange of data

Streamline your work process

Apply a more efficient way of working and drive your customer's digital transformation

Contact Skyresponse here and we’ll give you more information

Make sure You have Everything in place to offer Sheltered Housing and Retirement Livings the Best Alarm Management Solution when the Digital Switchover approaches!