Offer a Future-Proofed and Scalable Solution to your Customers 

As a Partner of Skyresponse you can implement our platform into your existing, or new, alarm and event management service to create a better, safer more secure and flexible solution to your end-customers.

With endless integration and configuration possibilities, you get the opportunity of creating a solution that best fits your customer's needs. All with the help of comprehensive support from Skyresponse as a trusted partner.


For Whom?

The Skyresponse Platform SaaS-solution is appropriate for businesses that offers alarm and event management to organisations within care, facility management, safety and security.

If you have several hardware devices or products, multiple use-cases, personnel and signals needing management, Skyresponse can help you handle and streamline your entire operation by using one unifying platform. 

Partners leveraging our platform for the future gain a competitive edge through adaptability, scalability, efficiency, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends.



The Value of Being a
Skyresponse Partner

Access to a full Ecosystem of Distributors

Skyresponse have an extensive Ecosystem of devices and services from suppliers and vendors already integrated into our solution. Pick and choose which devices or products to start using as part of your offering and get the ready-made integration activated in matter of minutes.

Vast Integration with new Devices

Thanks to Skyresponse’s open API’s new devices and systems can be integrated with ease/without complexity. This ensures scalability and keeping your solution future-proofed for when new devices are introduced on the market.

Bring your own Device

There’s often no need to replace your existing hardware or in-house solutions. The Skyresponse Platform can be adapted to your specific needs, according to your existing situation and requirements. You can also combine uses for several segments within care, facility management, safety and security.

IT-security with Complete Safety

Ensure your end-customer the highest IT-security protecting both you and them for any disturbances or cyberattacks. Skyresponse is GPDR-compliant, certified by ISO20071, ISO9001, Cyber Essential Plus and QSF.


How You can use our Platform to Add Value 

The Skyresponse Platform can be used as part of your existing offer or can be built into a new service. Whether or not you want to upgrade your service to better fit the needs of the future or create a solution from the ground up with endless possibilities, we’re here to help.

Make sure you can handle, manage, respond to and store alarms and events in larger quantities, with better capacity and safer than ever so that your end-customer can feel completely safe with their service. Learn how Skyresponse can give you advice and counsel on how to best implement and use our platform within your business. 

The Value of Being a
Skyresponse Partner

Scalability in the Cloud

The platform is 100% true cloud-based which offers unlimited resources. The cloud allows you and your end-customers to scale up and down automatically depending on the current requirements. Providing both operational reliability and scalability.

Full Vendor-Independence

Unlike many other solutions, you can expect full vendor-independence. Thanks to Skyresponse’s ability to integrate and adapt to any use-case, the platform has no lock-in and is not bound to any specific supplier.

User-Friendly Interface

Even if you’ll always receive support and help from Skyresponse as a partner, the user-friendly interface makes it easy make changes on your own. In addition, you won’t have to spend extensive resources on training personnel.

Keep Control over your Data

As a partner, you can choose to handle, administer and keep responsibility of data or give full control to your end-customer.

Words from our Partners

 ”The certified and easy to monitor alarm solution offered by Skyresponse ensures a secure transfer of alarm escalations to multiple receivers”



Mikael Hansson, 

COO, Eliot Universe


 “With Skyresponse, it is 50% shorter lead time to integrate new products than other comparable alarm management platforms.” 




 Martin Petersson, 

Technical Manager, Careium Norway AS

  “Viser’s first customer Alvesta municipality was up and running within 3 months of the integration with Skyresponse. The solution has been running smooth ever since."


Robert Green

CEO, Viser


"Before we made the final decision, we were offered the opportunity to try parts of the Skyresponse solution, and then discovered that it matched all our needs."



Geir Tore Jakobsen

CEO Hepro 


"We complement each other as companies in a very good way. iZafe has the products and Skyresponse has the platform."




Anders Segerström, 

CEO, iZafe Group



The Ecosystem

The Skyresponse Ecosystem is a network of high-value, trusted suppliers and vendors already integrated into the platform.

As a partner, that gives you full access to implement any device from any supplier within the Ecosystem, without an extensive project.  


 Become a Skyresponse