A Solution for
Every Need

The Skyresponse Platform allows you to build and offer a scalable system that can not only adapt to the changing demands of the market, but also act as a driving force to innovate it.

Cater to a larger segment, minimize administration time and meet expanding needs in your use-case area with an effective cloud-based platform that ensures seamless integration with any device, anytime.

Solution Areas


Your Digital Platform for Alarms & Events 


A Future-Proof Solution 

The power of open API’s gives you the possibility to easily integrate any existing or future device and system for alarm and event management. Since Skyresponse is completely vendor-independent, you can take advantage of new innovations that are yet to be introduced to the market without being locked-in to a specific supplier. This provides you with a fully scalable, adaptable and future-proof platform, prepared for any upcoming demands or challenges. 

For Solution Providers

Our 100% true cloud-based platform provides the opportunity to completely customise a best-of-breed solution that fully fits the needs of your end-customer. With interoperability, you can offer both flexibility and scalability that are unmatched with other solutions, while meeting increasing IT-security needs. Allow your customers self-service possibilities to feel in control and taken care of with a safe, efficient and scalable solution for handling events and alarms. 

Unmatched Benefits
with Skyresponse

Complete Customisability

Open API’s and endless integration possibilities allow you to take full advantage of existing – and yet to be introduced – devices and systems.

Several Segments in one Platform

Configure previously separated software systems into one platform with high-end technology and the help of our experienced IT professionals.

Increased Overall ROI

Offer a more scalable solution that can meet the needs of more customers, contributes to a more powerful business model.

Innovative Partner

When implementing The Skyresponse Platform, you get a long-term partnership with groundbreaking experts in the field.


Digital Platform for Care Solutions 

The Skyresponse Platform can be used within Care to streamline alarm management by connecting systems, integrating devices and configurating data. This guarantees more effective ways of providing care. With a simple and user-friendly interface, the platform ensures that day-to-day activities become easier for both caregivers and administrative staff. 

Create the Opportunity for Better Care

Using The Skyresponse Platform for Care allows you to offer a scalable and future-proof solution with complete safety and IT-security. The unique integration and configuration possibilities gives you the ability to tailor a solution best fitting the needs of your end-customer. Resulting in a highly reliable alarm management platform for personalised individual care. 

A cloud-based interoperable system contributing to higher quality care 
Open API’s enable opportunities for a personalised solution 
Emergency alarms reliably directed through any connected device 
Completely adaptable, and vendor-independent with no lock-ins 

Digital Platform for Safety 

Safeguard people in the field or in high-risk environments by using The Skyresponse Platform. Ensure individual safety easily with an app, available for both Android and iOS. Respond to active alarms or trigger and direct alarms to response centres or colleagues. Customise management and distribution of alarms to make secure and flexible safety solutions.  

Safety made Simple 

Provide an easy and effective way of ensuring safety to people on the move or make sure response personnel are always on hand. Customise the whole distribution chain from when an alarm is triggered, who receives it and if it’s forwarded further. Thanks to a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to be locked into a stationary system but can make protection mobile. 

Tailor-make solutions for both triggering and responding to active alarms on the go 
Customise event distribution chains by specifying the direction of triggered alarms 
Implement indoor positioning systems to identify the specific position of a person or asset 


Integrate mobile devices into the alarm system to stay connected anytime, anywhere 

Smart Buildings

The Skyresponse Platform provides efficient and simplified alarm and event handling for Smart Buildings. Whether there’s critical alarms you need to act on or respond to, or ordinary events you simply need to transfer to a different facility management platform, The Skyresponse Platform handles it all!  

Instead of having one system for every transmitter, sensor, device, camera or lock, you can connect all your devices into one single platform. Also, integrate new devices and products into your buildings to not just become digital, but become smart! 

More Control with a Centralised Response Platform 

Make sure you get all the information you need to keep your buildings up to standard. With a unified platform for all your devices, you can get real-time updates regarding what's happening inside your buildings. Ensure safety, predict maintenance needs and collect data that can help you make cost-saving decisions.  

Group 49
Always stay up to date with critical events inside your buildings 


Integrate systems that utilise smart solutions into one unified platform 
Manage and measure data so that you can make informed decisions  
Connect all your devices into one single distributed alarm and event management platform 

Response Centre

The Skyresponse Platform is the key feature in an effective, high-performance alarm and event management centre that handles a large number of alarms. Skyresponse is a flexible solution that can be implemented into your existing platform or independently.

By combining previously separated systems, integrating additional devices and utilising a simplified interface, you can guarantee a better response rate for incoming alarms.   

The Right Alarm to the Right Receiver Every Time 

As the analogue switch-off approaches, don’t get left behind by starting your transition too late. With a completely cloud-based platform you can make use of new devices, identify bottlenecks and cut lead-time in half. Resulting in faster alarm responses and more efficient and safer aid to those in an emergency. 

Group 49
Interoperable system provides less dependence on physical response centres 


Integrate new & innovative solutions and devices into your system through open API’s 
Smart utilisation of data provides faster access to information when an alarm is received   
Improve staff productivity by handling different alarms & events in the same platform 

Words from our Partners

 ”The certified and easy to monitor alarm solution offered by Skyresponse ensures a secure transfer of alarm escalations to multiple receivers”



Mikael Hansson, 

COO, Eliot Universe


“With Skyresponse, it is 50% shorter lead time to integrate new products than other comparable alarm management platforms.” 




 Martin Petersson, 

Technical Manager, Careium Norway AS


“Viser’s first customer Alvesta municipality was up and running within 3 months of the integration with Skyresponse. The solution has been running smooth ever since."



Robert Green

CEO, Viser


"Before we made the final decision, we were offered the opportunity to try parts of the Skyresponse solution, and then discovered that it matched all our needs."



Geir Tore Jakobsen

CEO Hepro 


"We complement each other as companies in a very good way. iZafe has the products and Skyresponse has the platform."




Martin Strand, 

Product Manager, iZafe AB


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