Ensuring Safety with Reliable Alarm Management 

There is nothing more important than keeping your personnel and customers personal safety. We enable you to develop a secure and flexible safety solution with robust and reliable alarm handling.

Skyresponse features granular event distribution chains, meaning that you are able to route where an event signal should go when triggered. Whether it’s to a response centre of choice, a colleague or internal resources, you can tailor the way your alarms are distributed and managed.

Mobile Personal Safety for Safety On-The-Go 

Skyresponse Alarm App gives you an easy and secure personal alarm, available on any mobile device, to make your users feel safe at all times. Accounts and settings are distributable within the teams, enabling hassle-free, decentralized administration.

With signal redundancy, you can ensure fast and reliable delivery by sending alarms both as data traffic and SMS. When an alarm is received, you can include all the information needed to take the appropriate action. This includes not only time and location, but also images or sound recordings. 

Skyresponse Safety Benefits 

Interoperability in the Cloud

Our interoperable platform allows you to customise alarm flows so that they fit your needs. Scale and personalise your alarm management solution.

Indoor Alarm Positioning

Receive GPS positioning once an alarm is triggered with a precision of a few meters, making sure you can respond to alarms quickly and efficiently.

Vast Integration Possibilities

Future-proof your solution by integrating with other platforms or devices within the Skyresponse Ecosystem.

Digitally Transform an entire Response Centre

Utilise Skyresponse’s Safeclick button or find other ways to synergise within your ecosystem.

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Integrate own Devices to Leverage The Skyresponse Ecosystem 

Becoming a Skyresponse Partner means unlocking a world of opportunity. Many platform- and solution distributors have already joined our Ecosystem. Together, we're forming turnkey solutions that you can also benefit from.

By exploring the vast functional capabilities, you can add to your own solution through our Ecosystem of distributors, you may be able to reduce the number of individual platforms you work with today.


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