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As the leading provider of alarm management and integrations for connected products, Skyresponse offers a comprehensive Platform with a seamless nervous system that reacts to events and incidents immediately. Guaranteeing the right person, the right resources or the right system is reached in time, every time.

By integrating with Skyresponse you can take advantage of the benefits from our network and unlock new business opportunities and growth in the evolving world of emergency response. 

We offer our Network Partners more than 100 integrations from different areas and verticals already integrated into the Skyresponse Platform. Make sure you're one of them. 


The Platform

Our Platform, born in the cloud, is internationally acknowledged, and trusted by response centres and solution providers within care, smart buildings, and safety.

By integrating with Skyresponse, you can tap into our established network, gain exposure to new customers, and leverage our brand reputation to drive your growth. The power of open API’s enables the opportunity and possibility to easily integrate new devices for alarm and event distribution, which makes Skyresponse a fully scalable and future-proofed Platform.  

The Value of Being a
Skyresponse Ecosystem Partner

Integration to The Skyresponse Platform

Integrating to our platform enables us to make ready-made adaptations to your products, such as alarms, codes, classifications, identity validations and much more.

Visibility & Marketing Promotion

As an Ecosystem Partner your product becomes a selectable item ready to choose directly in the platform. You also gain exposure through collaborative marketing activities, expanding your brand reach till our 800+ customers and partners.

Access to a Wider Range of Customers

Being able to offer your customers products and devices already integrated in the platform they're using provides you the opportunity to sell more products to a larger segment of customers.

Support & Community with a Trusted Certification

You get a long-term partnership with Skyresponse and gain new business opportunities world wide. Once you are certified our network will be open for you.

"We complement each other as companies in a very good way. iZafe has the products and Skyresponse has the platform."

- Anders Segerström, Zafe AB



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Add value to your products market reach and grow your business by being exposed to the Skyresponse network of Partners.  

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Our certification process:

  1.  Request information via our online form 
  2. Apply for certification and sign certification agreement  
  3. Access to our test environment  
  4.  Develop and test.  
  5. Publish integration and make it  available to all  Skyresponse  customers