Your Response Centre SaaS Platform  

Skyresponse Central is a high-performance, cloud-based, interoperable, decentralised Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). We offer customers with existing and new response centres the opportunity to handle a greater number of alarms efficiently.

We deliver an adaptable approach to changing business needs within a dynamic market. Ensuring staff can handle alarms from the office, out in the field or from home.   



Protect, Care, and Take Action Every Time 

Are you able to adapt to changing technical demands? Thousands of IoT alarms are activated daily within the industry sectors Care, Facilities and Safety. This fast-paced technological evolution and extensive advancements puts a strain on existing platform capabilities.

Timely responses generated for every single alarm is what makes your response centre truly efficient and only then can you provide a unique offering to your customers. 

Skyresponse ARC Benefits


Cloud-based systems provide interoperability and the option to decentralise the ARC, meaning, access can be granted remotely through mobile devices facilitating efficient alarm handling.

Innovate & Integrate

By keeping an eye on the evolving market, innovation is the key to our development roadmap. Our extensive Ecosystem distributors, accessible to all partners, allows you to create your own integrations to utilise, scale business use-cases and facilitate growth.

Smart Data

An interoperable platform allows for smart and secure utilisation of data. Enabling response centre personnel to access vital information, such as medical history or GPS positioning, for incoming alarm. This contributes to more concise assistance in an emergency, as well as providing detailed logs with comprehensive audit trails for how alarms or events were handled.

Improve Productivity

The alarm handling interface Central, allows respondents to view all incoming alarm data on one screen which both promotes ergonomics and reduces the admin workload. With the added ability to work remotely if required, your personnel can increase their productivity and efficiency.


A R C  S O L U T I O N   P R O D U C T S

Full ARC Replacement

Replace your existing system with a 100% true cloud-based solution that manages multiple protocol analogue and digital alarms in one platform. Access and manage all your devices integrated to the platform through a simple and easy-to-use web-based interface. Also available is the response mobile app (iOS and Android), an additional option to supplement your service for seamless remote working.  

Future-proof your service delivery with an open, vendor-independent solution including an extensive ecosystem. By partnering with Skyresponse you reap immediate rewards and gain a powerful and decentralised platform, built with interoperability in mind. 


A R C  S O L U T I O N   P R O D U C T S

Digital Only ARC 

Start with digital today, but without going through an extensive replacement project. Keep your existing solution for analogue alarms and simply run the Skyresponse Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) solution in parallel. Gain access to a well-established low risk solution for when you want to go digital, but not entirely close down your existing system. 
We offer short onboarding timeframes including training and guides to support you along the way. For a fast and efficient implementation.  

Words from our Partners

"We are proud to launch the Cloud Monitoring System together with our partner Skyresponse. Our goal is to provide a state-of-the-art solution that allows seamless integration with various technologies to enable efficient coordination of emergency response and ultimately improve the safety and well-being of elderly and dependent people."


Dr Arnd Karden

Managing Director


"We’re delighted to have signed a partnership with Skyresponse to bring this pioneering life protecting service to the UK and Ireland. Through innovations in technology, remote care is now much more accessible for both the providers and end-users. We’re delighted to be leading the way in providing a solution that will protect people so they can live healthy and independent lives. Our new Cloud Care Control solution is further evidence that Chubb is now moving ahead of the curve when it comes to digitalisation and innovations in telecare, ultimately meaning better care for our end users."

Shaun Moscrop

General Manager of Chubb CommunityCare



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