Effective Alarm Handling for your Smart Buildings 

With The Skyresponse Platform you can future proof your entire alarm and event management by efficiently coordinating all anomalies in one unified and scalable solution. The power of Open API’s and interoperability allows you to take advantage of vast integration and configuration possibilities.

Customise according to your needs and integrate new devices into your solution, now or in the future, without a costly nor time-consuming project.  




Opportunities in the Cloud

Today, we care just as much about energy waste, utility costs and pollution as we cared about facility safety and maintenance ten years ago. Keeping alarm and event management in your smart buildings updated according to the latest demands of the market, is both an opportunity and a necessity. With Skyresponse, you get a 100% true cloud-based platform that helps you make your event routing more intelligent. Allowing you to get the most out of smart energy meters, fire alarms, security alarms, pollution monitors and much more. 

Feel Safe To Focus On Your Core Business 
Constant innovations within Smart Buildings and Facility Management puts pressure on the technical platforms supporting them. With Skyresponse, you get a high-powered platform that can handle large quantitates of alarms or events, while ensuring protection from IT-disruptions or cyberattacks. 

”The certified and easy to monitor alarm solution offered by Skyresponse ensures a secure transfer of alarm escalations to multiple receivers”

- Mikael Hansson, COO, Eliot Universe


Smart Building
Solution Benefits  

Reduce Risks & Maintenance Costs

Track maintenance schedules automatically and configure settings that allow you to keep up with everything and anything that happens inside your buildings.

Decentralize, Automate & Customize

Customize alarm flows according to your specific needs and scale usage as your business expands.

Vast Integration Possibilities

Future-proof and tailor your alarm management solution by integrating with other platforms within the Skyresponse Ecosystem.

Guaranteed Action

Reliable alarm and event routing that ensures actions are taken when needed, either by the closest operative or as delegated through the configured rules and settings.

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