Cloud Platform for Managing Alarms and Events 

The Skyresponse Platform is a 100% true cloud-based SaaS platform that offers you a seamless and efficient way to receive, handle and manage alarms and events.

Outperform your competitors and become an industry leader in the digital age by choosing the platform as part of your business offering, while still maintaining full vendor independence. 


Seamless Integration & Configuration

With an unmatched capacity for integration and configuration, The Skyresponse Platform enables solution providers within Care, Response, Safety and Smart Buildings to offer their customers a future-proofed solution that caters to every individual need.  

Stay agile in a fast-paced market and make sure you can deliver a scalable, interoperable, no lock-in solution for alarm and event management. Simply implement the ready-made platform into your existing alarm and event management service to ensure the right alarm reaches the right receiver, every time. 


Unique Agility & Open APIs with No Lock-in  

With the use of open-API, The Skyresponse Platform allows you to take full advantage of existing and future devices and systems. More than 80 different transmitters and sensors are already integrated into our world-class Ecosystem of distributors and partners, with the possibility to introduce new products or devices any time, without an extensive implementation project. Giving you complete freedom to expand your offerings, when and how you wish.  

Provide Real Value

Benefit from multiple software integrations like EHR systems, business systems and user-friendly federated logins to make the everyday experience as smooth as possible. Ensuring to provide your end-customer with greater value, cost-efficiency and a future-proof guarantee of service. 

Full Vendor-Independence

In addition, The Skyresponse Platform is a completely agnostic platform so you can remain vendor independent. Don’t risk putting limitations on your own expansion, instead be adaptable and ready for the changing demands of future requests with a flexible, interoperable platform. Become a driving force in the analogue switch over! 

Get Up to Speed Right Away with our User-Friendly Platform 

Reduce training resource expenditure and increase alarm handling efficiencies. The Skyresponse Platform comes with a user-friendly interface that requires minimal effort for anyone using it. Thanks to our Ecosystem partners and existing integrations with different systems and solutions, you can be up and running in no time.  


S K Y R E S P O N S E  C O N T R O L 

The Admin Portal

Manage, store and handle the entire installation base and customer data in Skyresponse Control. The admin portal is where you access and manage all your integrated devices, gather reports and assign appropriate permissions for personnel working with the platform. Allow your end-customer to easily manage their own data or keep the management responsibilities internally. 


  • Multi-level administration 
  • Full audit trail on access and changes
  • Granular reporting capabilities
  • Easy overview and structure of objects and devices
  • Real-time changes 


S K Y R E S P O N S E  C E N T R A L

The Response Portal

Receive and respond to incoming alarms and events at the right time, without disruptions. The response portal is cloud-based and can be used with a simple and secure login on any internet device. Making sure you can efficiently manage signals and distribute them safely to their intended destination.  


  • Join different respondent groups depending on role and time of day
  • Dedicate specific resources for specific alarms
  • Record all actions and calls for a complete audit trail
  • Include media such as video and sound recordings
  • Important information with incoming alarms such as real time positioning on map 

A L A R M  A P P 

Generate Alarms

The alarm app is a mobile safety alarm for professionals working in situations and environments associated with risks. The app can be used on any mobile device and ensures safety without delay. 


  • Send alarms by pressing the screen
  • Safety timer for alarms
  • Record voice message that transmits with the alarm
  • GPS-positioning in real time
  • Compatible with indoor positioning BLE beacons

R E S P O N S E   A P P 

Respond to Alarms 

The Response App is connected to Skyresponse Central and allows alarms and events to be received on a mobile device. This allows for quick and seamless communication, response and reporting for personnel working in the field. 


  • Report reason and actions connected to the event
  • Escalate and communicate with team members, or third party response providers
  • Flexible design that can be adjusted to receive different alarms and events
  • Possibility for the response centre to assign an action to a person using the app
  • Creates an auditable trail by logging all data and all info related to actions taken on an alarm 

The Skyresponse Platform is ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certified and
assures complete protection of digital assets


Complete IT-Security in the Cloud 

We understand that alarm and events handle potentially life-threatening situations, which emphasises the need to protect all systems from IT-disruptions. In combination with managing and storing personal information and sensitive data, cyber security is always our top priority. 

Skyresponse’s cloud services are deployed on AWS data centres which have an ongoing and never-ending control system to ensure unmatched cloud security. The data centres are specifically designed to tolerate failure while maintaining service levels and have continuous capacity monitoring to ensure delivery. 

Furthermore, the data centres are carefully placed in locations that can withstand potential environmental risks. In case of any disruptions, AWS has a secure Business Continuity Plan to ensure fail-safe handling before, during and after an event. Read more about the safety measures taken by AWS to guarantee reliable IT-security. 

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Words from our Partners

 ”The certified and easy to monitor alarm solution offered by Skyresponse ensures a secure transfer of alarm escalations to multiple receivers”



Mikael Hansson, 

COO, Eliot Universe

“With Skyresponse, it is 50% shorter lead time to integrate new products than other comparable alarm management platforms.” 




 Martin Petersson, 

Technical Manager, Careium Norway AS

“Viser’s first customer Alvesta municipality was up and running within 3 months of the integration with Skyresponse. The solution has been running smooth ever since."


Robert Green

CEO, Viser

"Before we made the final decision, we were offered the opportunity to try parts of the Skyresponse solution, and then discovered that it matched all our needs."



Geir Tore Jakobsen

CEO Hepro 

"We complement each other as companies in a very good way. iZafe has the products and Skyresponse has the platform."




Martin Strand, 

Product Manager, iZafe AB

"We were pleased to discover that our Aragon Smart Speaker and the Skyresponse alarm platform could be quickly integrated to work together without any difficulty. Our collaboration with Skyresponse is successful thanks to our tandem belief that tech-agnostic interoperability gives customers confidence that their best interests are being taken into account."


Christian Kiefel



"We at Posifon are specialized and have a broad spectrum of units to offer in our niches. We can easily strengthen our offer to our customers with Skyresponse and we also have the opportunity to get international business through them."


Henrik Essunger




Do You Want to Use The Skyresponse Platform in Your Solution? 

Gain access to The Skyresponse Platform through a SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription. Configure, adjust and customise the platform according to your needs and integrate additional solutions when you require. Add custom design details, such as your business logo and colour scheme, to visually implement the platform into your business offer to make it your own. 

Become a Part of The Skyresponse Ecosystem 

Skyresponse has more than 15 channel partners in 8 countries across Europe. By integrating into our platform, you become a part of an ecosystem that offers the end-customer a more valuable solution. In addition, you increase your sales power in the market through the ability to seamlessly integrate with existing platforms. 


  • Increase your reach and expand your customer base  
  • Standard API:s which allows for efficient, fast and easy integration 
  • An Ecosystem Program with complete adaptation to your product 
  • Access to a growing number of customers, use-cases and business opportunities  
  • Shared marketing efforts through the Ecosystem Program 

Join many other companies and learn how to become a Skyresponse ecosystem partner.