7 Differences Between a Cloud Solution vs On-Premise for Alarm Management

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7 Differences Between a Cloud solution vs on-premise for alarm management

Before the adoption of cloud-based technology, the world relied on access to physical storage systems to transmit and store large data, classified files and information. Back in those days, the on-premise system was the ultimate and paramount solution. This is, however not the case anymore. The rapid development of the IT industry birthed novel technology that is cloud based. This new cloud-based technology has continuously offered greater advantages over on-premise technology across a broad range of industries. One of many industries embracing this new technology is the alarm management industry of which Skyresponse is a big player. To fully appreciate the beauty and wonders of this technology, this blog presents the differences between Cloud solution vs on-premise for alarm management. So, let’s delve into it right away!


With an on-premise system, the deployment is done in house using the company’s infrastructure. Compared to a cloud-based system which is deployed over the internet and your data is stored on a third party server or data centre. As an alarm receiving center (ARC) you are responsible for maintaining the system using an on-premise environment while using a cloud-based system where the service provider maintenance the system at their server. You can be up and running in no time with the cloud-based solution.


A cloud-based system is flexible and compliments all-inclusive alarm management systems. As an alarm receiving centre, it is not enough to just be notified of a security breach in your facility (which is what most on-premise systems offer), it is also important to respond to the breach or threat properly. More over, on-premise systems has the disadvantage of not being as mobile as a cloud system. Since internet connection is all you really need to be able to access your data with a cloud system, this solution offers greater efficiency.


Setting up an on-premise system is a costly investment, and to make matters worse, these systems require frequent support activities, causing high maintenance costs.

Cloud-based systems eliminate this cost challenge for alarm systems. All you need to pay is a subscription fee for the platform. Neither do you need to worry about recurring maintenance activities and hardware upgrades after installing your cloud based platform. This is because the alarm-receiving system handles all the data exchange and storage processes.


This is another difference between cloud solution and on-premise systems. Whilst an on-premise system allows control of privacy and data, the same can be said with a cloud-based alarm receiving system, especially from Skyresponse. Our cloud-based alarm receiving centres allows absolute control over what is being done with your data.


This is yet again, another clear difference between cloud and on-premise systems. Here, a cloud-based system offers a better advantage because it is easy to expand your computing needs without significant investment in new infrastructures.

Scalability of a cloud-based system is a seamless process comparison to an on-premise system which requires hardware and infrastructure upgrades.


As a buyer, if you opt for an on-premise solution for your alarm management needs, you are likely to face the challenge of a limited number of servers. This is a major implication resulting in downtime with on-premise systems, whereas cloud systems are connected to numerous servers. Therefore, you wouldn’t even notice if any of them fails. However, do not forget that an active internet connection is needed to keep your cloud-based system up and running at all times. After all, the essence of having a standby alarm receiving system is to ensure that real-time monitoring is guaranteed at all times.


Beyond reasonable doubt, investing in a cloud-based system is the way to go when it comes to high security. Cloud-based centres such as alarm receiving centres make sure that the highest level of security is employed. This level of security is more than you would be able to afford on your on-premise system servers.

Cloud-based Alarm Response Centre: Skyresponse Can Help

It is clear that there are great differences between cloud solution vs on-premise for alarm management. For this reason, you should explore all available options ensuring the best option is chosen to meet your needs.

Skyresponse is a trusted brand that takes the lead when it comes to everything concerning alarm management systems. Our dedicated and state-of-the-art alarm handling platform used by response centres around Europe caters for all alarm needs for personal safety, event handling within the IoT area, and the care sector.

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