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Ensure action on alarms and events at the right time, in the right place and by the right person!

Bring your IoT connected products and services to a whole new service level with real-time, guaranteed responses to alarms and events. Skyresponse acts like a nervous system bringing physical action to react to digital stimuli. Skyresponse ensures actions always reach the right people, machines or systems through our advanced cascaded escalation capability. The system provides full traceability through events reported and documented with a real-time audit trail. All services are cloud-based, fully scalable, and globally available through simple APIs.

Skyresponse:system handles over 500 000 alarms every month from around 20 000 objects in more than 240 enterprises and organizations.

“Our ambition is to always be the best supplier of home care alarms for Swedish response centres, thus we choose flexible suppliers with a proven track record of quality solutions. Skyresponse are flexible and capable of developing new digital solutions together with us.”

Jonas Warkki, Telenta AB

Skyresponse – for industries

Use Case: A System for Industries

In a modern smart factory industry environment, IoT connectivity is revolutionising how the status of equipment is monitored. Machines are equipped with sensors that generate an alarm when a threshold value is reached. The sensors are connected wirelessly to a central hub and a control room in the factory. IoT platforms are used to analyze the data and when certain conditions or combinations of sensor data are detected alarms and events are generated.

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With a focus on Internet of Things, IoT

The number of connected products and sensors is growing exponentially. The services offered by Skyresponse are ideal in IoT applications where e.g. buildings and machines are to be monitored. In addition, many existing industries and products requiring alarm handling, such as security, care, transport and logistics, can leverage the new technology offered by Skyresponse.

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Response Centres

The Skyresponse cloud based response centre solution is already in use at several manned response centres and operations centres. Skyresponse:system can also interoperate with many existing response centre systems and present alarm and events in a way that is familiar to the operator – and with complete traceability.

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