The Open Software Platform that enables Digital Nurse Call Systems for Nursing Homes  

Hepro Response is a seamless and scalable platform for all Digital Health Technology. The solution is a cloud-based service, SaaS (Software as a Service). Hepro Response consists of the Digital Technology platform with a Response Center solution and Administration tool, all in one platform.

Connected Care technology according to user needs and care givers requests

Interoperable Platform

A modular Platform

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The live webinar took place on the 17th of April, but you can access the recording of the webinar on demand.

Find out more about the Nurse Call Solution of the Future - Hepro Response. 

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Hepro Response Alarm distribution

Increase Efficiency with Custom-Made Alarm Flows and Segmentation 

In Hepro Response there are no restrictions on the flow of alarms, regardless of the type of housing.

Hepro Response setup

The value of using the Hepro Response Nurse Call Systems: 

  • Seamless cloud-based platform for all welfare technology that Hepro delivers.

  • Scalable solution that suits different businesses with different needs.

  • With this platform, we offer a comprehensive solution for all forms of housing that customer has requested.

  • Hepro Response contains a proactive monitoring service with full operation that gives the municipality a very reliable solution. Everything delivered by Hepro or Partner.

  • The platform is under constant development with the opportunity for the customer to influence.

  • Cohesive interface: All hardware (all alarms) are handled in one and the same interface. We have references to external services, administration and monitoring. These services are accessed directly from both the web interface and the alarm application via a shortcut.

  • Hepro can deliver a wide range of different solutions and services available in welfare technology. We have the opportunity with Hepro Response deliver a uniform, open, scalable and future-proof solution that can be integrated with different systems and services.

  • We can easily integrate equipment with today's known communication protocols that are delivered by other suppliers.

  • Everything gathered in one platform, in one and the same app, in one and the same alarm reception HEPRO RESPONSE.

Hepro Response tailors the Perfect Nurse Call Solution for your Specific needs

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HeproResponse is the Solution for the Future - contact us for more information on how you can offer the leading Alarm Handling Solution from the Nordics.