Trendwatch: Future of Technology Enabled Care in the UK


The care market in the UK is changing. Like all other industries, more and more people are looking for digital solutions to simplify and streamline their operations. Today we’re taking a closer look at AdaptEco. AdaptEco is a small, rising star that is predicted to revolutionise the social care and supported living sectors in the UK – and Skyresponse is part of that exciting journey!

The digitalisation of the social care market

The care market is changing in the UK. Local authorities and providers are moving away from traditional analogue telecare offerings and looking for digital care partnerships, which will act as key enablers in the transformation of adult social care and what they can offer.

AdaptEco facilitates and promotes digital care partnerships in the UK. This can be more specifically described as an ecosystem where various partners work together to create tailored solutions for the clients. Instead of having to buy a “one size fits all” solution, which includes elements that the client may not need, the client can now pick and choose from various partners and get a tailor-made solution for their business. A platform with modern products and solutions that create huge flexibility and improved needs matching for both clients and users.

Alarm management from Skyresponse

Skyresponse will become part of this ecosystem and act as the provider of alarm management, as there is no other platform in the world that can offer the openness that the concept requires. The current platforms and technology either struggle or cannot support the full concept due to interoperability issues or claims where in reality would be challenging to deliver. But Skyresponse has the platform, the knowledge and the experience and was therefore an easy choice in the search for partners.

A promising future

AdaptEco are able to provide their customers and users with bespoke end-to-end solutions that meets their specific needs – while remaining tech agnostic due to the number of solutions within the ecosystem. With such a flexible and easily adapted offer, AdaptEco can become a service provider to almost any kind of project within health, medico legal, social care and assisted/retirement living. Skyresponse is happy to be on board and to be part of creating a smarter and more flexible digital care system that will truly transform the UK market.

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