The Future of the Care Industry: Move from Analogue to Smart Care


70% of European telecare services still rely on analogue systems and wired solutions. Thanks to the rapid innovations in technology-enabled care, care providers and care receivers now have access to advanced and modern solutions— we now have devices and systems that serve multiple functions and address several problems simultaneously.



Listen to Skyresponse CEO, Martin Reidevall, talk about how we can learn from the digitalisation in the Nordic countries, and how you can take the frog leap from Analogue to Smart Care already today.

Smart care solutions are more efficient, achieve more with less input and allow for a more seamless and interconnected experience for both care providers and care receivers. These smart care solutions are being available and ready to implement today. Any care provider could consider the direct transition to smart care from solutions based on an analogue platform, instead of opting for a digital solution as a step on the way. With the complete analogue switch- off taking place in 2025 in the United Kingdom, making the necessary preparations today can make the transition from analogue platforms as smooth as possible.


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