Alarm Routing with Skyresponse

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Alarm Routing with Skyresponse

Alarm routing is a crucial aspect of any alarm handling system, and the Skyresponse platform is the leading provider of such solution. An alarm handling system is used to alert the appropriate person, system, or resource when an alarm is triggered. The Skyresponse platforms’ effectiveness depends on how efficiently the alarm is routed to the appropriate responder.  

At Skyresponse, we understand the importance of alarm routing and have developed our solution that ensures that alarms are sent to the right person or group of people as quickly as possible. With our interface for response centres, you can access the information either on your desktop, laptop or mobile application.  

Here are some key features of our alarm routing system:  

1. Customisable routing rules

Our system allows users to create customized routing rules that determine how alarms are handled. For example, a user can specify that an alarm related to a specific area or type of equipment is sent directly to the on-call caregiver, technician or other that responsible for that area or equipment. This ensures that the right person receives the alarm immediately, rather than having to be routed through a chain of command. 

2. Multiple routing 

Our platform offers multiple routing options for reaching recipients. Mobile apps and desktop browser as the primary ones for high volume alarm handling. These are complemented with SMS, email and phone calls. This allows users to choose the best method of communication for each recipient, ensuring that alarms are received promptly and acted upon quickly. 

3. Automatic escalation 

In some cases, an alarm may not be acknowledged or resolved within a certain timeframe. In such cases, our system automatically escalates the alarm to the next level of responders. For example, if a lone worker does not respond to an alarm within five minutes, the system can escalate the alarm to their supervisor or manager. An alarm can also be time-boxed so if the timer goes off, an alarm is triggered.

4. Real-time monitoring and reporting 

Our platform allows users to monitor the status of alarms in real-time and provides detailed reporting on alarm handling performance. This enables users to identify areas of improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimise their alarm handling process.   

In conclusion, alarm routing is a critical component of any alarm handling system. At Skyresponse, we have developed a highly customizable and flexible system that enables users to create custom routing rules, choose from multiple routing options, automatically escalate alarms and monitor performance in real-time.

Watch the video to see how this can be used. 

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