Viser Nursing Home Runway - Nurse Call system

Do you need a more modern, hazel-free, open, stabile system that allows you to offer Smart Care solution now? Offer your customers a Nurse Call system that is scalable, adapting to your end-customers needs and future-proofed.

"The result so far is way better than both the staff, the residents and their visitors could imagine. The working environment is less stressful for the staff now that they can focus on being there and spending quality time with the residents instead of doing manual work and handovers between the shifts. Everything is recorded and tracible through the app."

Personalised, digital solutions are rapidly becoming essential for every nursing home. For enterprises wanting explore this opportunity, Skyresponse and its long-term partner Viser AB have created a complete, pre-tested, package of physical products and services for the alarm handling required in nursing homes.

The solution is fully digital with guaranteed operational support from Viser AB and designed to enable minimal time to market for anyone wanting to provide top-class, modern, complete digital alarm system.

A complete, ready to go, digital alarm solution, already used by 200+ nursing and assisted living homes.

Comprises sensors, alarm transmitters, IP network infrastructure and alarm handling services plus support.

Delivered and supported by Skyresponse partner Viser AB using the Skyresponse:system platform.

The Nursing Home landscape of today

We know that you might be facing long delivery times, solutions that do not meet all customer requirements or solutions that are not stable enough. With the Viser Runway solution you will have a modern, hazel-free, open, stabile system, that allows you to offer your customers a Nurse Call system that is scalable, adapting to your end-customers needs and future-proofed. With our ready-to launch solution you can easily go to tender with a flexible Smart Care solution next week and start making the first deployment within a month.

fall detection and prevention systems in elderly care

A Need for Individual Care

Each patient has individual needs and must be able to call for assistance. Furthermore, various sensors may signal patient conditions and cameras may be used for patient monitoring during the night. As carers are mobile throughout the building, they too are required to receive and respond to patient alarms, using our smart phone apps.

A Personalized Digital Solution 

The nursing home adaptable alarm handling solution is built on modern technology with digital alarm transmitters and sensors. This solution must be able to handle a wide variety of alarm generating devices, as patients varying needs. Equally important is that the solution ensures an efficient alarm reception for the staff, inside and outside the nursing home. Positioning of both patients and staff personnel is sometimes required. A high level of security, both regarding system availability and patient data integrity, must be maintained by all parts of the alarm handling solution. This is best achieved through a cloud-based IT-solution rather than by any site-based local system.

radar sensors

The Viser Nursing Home Runway Product

The Viser Nursing Home Runway Product is a complete package of alarm transmitters, alarm handling services, operation and support that you can use in any situation where smart alarm handling for a nursing home is required. We call it a “Runway” since it is a pre-tested solution shortening your time to deployment from months to days.

The Viser Nursing Home Runway is based on the Skyresponse:system alarm handling platform and sold by Skyresponse AB. However, the required hardware as well as operational support is delivered by Viser AB, a Swedish company specializing in system solutions for elderly care.

The Runway product is sold as a microservice license charged for per building with invoicing via Skyresponse AB.

Your responsibilities towards the nursing home

  • Customer relations
  • Sales and Marketing – Tenders and Agreements
    • Project Management
  • Shared responsibility for fast time to market
  • Local infrastructure
    • Internet access and WiFi infrastructure
    • UPS
    • LAN for PoE radio receivers incl. switches
    • Installation of preconfigured hardware (provided by Viser)
  • Staff / user training
  • 1st line support
  • Service management
  • Operation and development meetings
  • Additional hardware sourcing

Viser responsibilities towards you

  • Sales support
  • Price-/solution/calculation support
  • Core system solution (pre-configured)
    • System basic configuration (naming, departments, staff, users, etc.)
    • Router incl. 4G modem (local SIM provided by you)
    • PoE radio receivers (pre-configured)
    • Selected accessories (pendants, sensors, cameras, etc.)
  • Training for the trainer
  • 2nd line support
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Availability guarantees and monitoring 24/7

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