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How to Improve Patient Safety with Technology Enabled Care

In today’s healthcare landscape, improving and ensuring patient safety is of paramount importance, especially with the new and innovative options thanks to technology enabled care (TEC). With the tools available today, telecare systems, care homes, and personal users no longer need to rely on old, outdated analogue technology that potentially would put patients at risk.

Moreover, making the switch to digital systems and technology enable care eliminates the risks associated with the imminent digital switch.

Ultimately, both health care providers and the patients themselves benefit from the patient safety improvements brought by technology enabled care.


Innovative solutions in technology enabled care

Today’s digital systems take traditional and analogue systems and improve them by reducing long term costs. Being more accessible and available to both health care providers and patients. They also provide convenience and generally improve patient safety, while also involving less manpower and human intervention. These systems are readily accessible, providing users with the option to use their digital devices to transmit emergency calls. That will lead to much quicker response from health care providers.

So what exactly are the benefits from technology enabled care, and how can these innovations be implemented to improve patient safety?


Implement flexible personal alarm systems

Modern telecare systems offer multiple flexible solutions and tools such as monitoring sensors. This can be worn by the patient to track their activities and status. In case of a problem or an emergency situation, these sensors can reliably trigger an alarm system to alert health care providers and swiftly provide aid to the patient.

In addition, these systems can be used in different settings. The same alarm management system that has been implemented in a nursing home can also be used in private residences. The option of using only a mobile device for the management of the system if the user wishes to do so.


Guarantee quick response through modern contact centres

 While patients and health care providers may choose to use a system that relies mostly on mobile systems without a response centre. The advancements today in technology enabled care provide them the option to work with next-generation alarm receiving centres (ARC). This allow users to seamlessly monitor alarms through both mobile and desktop devices. This particular solution provides a highly customisable alarm system that can be tailored to the patient’s needs. The alarm triggered only by conditions and situations set by the user. These systems are equipped with voice communication features. It allowes the user to easily connect with response and contact centres. Patients and care providers are also able to track and monitor alarm events thanks to detailed logs generated and made available by the system.


Install innovative and secure digital telecare solutions

These digital safety alarm systems can be implemented through a futureproof and secure cloud-based solution. Which is supplemented with continuous updates and support, full scalability and reliable security systems. That protect the privacy and personal data of patients.

These systems can also be supplemented with a mobile app that provides the user and care provider full control, allowing alarms to be sent and received on the go as well as assuring quick and reliable response if immediate and emergency situations emerges.


Long term cost-effectiveness of solutions

Another benefit that can help users and health care providers, is the cost-effectiveness of these solutions. While initial installation fees can be costly, these solutions are still more cost effective in the long run. They can be maintained regularly through software updates delivered and implemented remotely and once available almost instantaneously.


Improve patient safety systems with Skyresponse today

While the benefits and improvements to patient safety from modern solutions are clear. One of the challenges in switching to digital telecare and technology enable care today is finding the right provider with systems that can be tailored specifically to the needs of both care providers and patients. Skyresponse offers these tools, platforms, and services that can make the process as easy and as seamless as possible. Care homes looking to update their patient safety systems can partner with Skyresponse to implement advanced, reliable, and secure solutions for patient safety and patient care.