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“It’s important to make the customer feel seen and heard.”

She relocated from Russia to Sweden three years ago. Today she is the link between the customers and the developers at...

She relocated from Russia to Sweden three years ago. Today she is the link between the customers and the developers at Skyresponse. Meet our support and operations specialist – Daria Shapina.

What is your background? How did you become the professional you are today?

I’ve been fascinated by computers all my life. When I was little, my mom had a friend who would come over sometimes to fix our computer. I always sat next to him and asked so many questions. After school, I studied telecommunications at university in Russia. Unfortunately, it was quite difficult to find a job in a serious telecom company as a woman, so I started working within customer service after my graduation. However, I wanted a job that matched my education – have access to real equipment and solve real problems. So, I moved on from there. Before coming to Sweden, I worked as an IT technician at the Prosecutor’s Office. In that workplace, my gender didn’t matter. It was my competence that was important.

How did your journey with Skyresponse begin?

After I had learned some Swedish, I started looking for a job through the Swedish Employment Service. I came in contact with a recruitment company and after about two months I got an interview with Skyresponse. I met David (CTO) and Marita (DevOps & Site Manager) and – wow – they really inspired me! My employment began two months ago, and I love it. Every day I get new troubleshooting issues. It’s like a riddle that has to be solved, which is just as exciting every time.

In what way has Skyresponse impressed you?

In every way! In Russia, many times I felt that I didn’t want to go to work because of the harsh mood and the bad conditions. Now I want to go to work every day! My colleagues are real professionals and possess tremendous expertise.

Describe Skyresponse as a workplace.

It is a very nice atmosphere. There are nice premises in the middle of the city, and everyone is very helpful and kind to each other. I, who have some flaws in the language sometimes, get great help and support from my colleagues. Not only at work, but also privately when needed.

What is the key to a good customer relationship?

It is important to make the customer feel seen and heard. When the customer comes with questions, it is important to respond quickly and show that it is important for us to give them a good answer. I always keep the customer updated throughout the work process to create a strong trust. So, my recipe is simply to keep the customer informed and to show that we are always available for questions and opinions. A clear, straightforward and continuous communication.

What do you contribute to your team?

I’m a very energetic and positive person, so I always try to get my colleagues in a good mood and contribute to the nice atmosphere.

When you’re not working – what do you do?

I’m climbing! Last summer I climbed Mont Blanc with a couple of friends. When I’m not climbing, I go cross-country skiing, so I’m lucky to live where I live. I can put on the skis in the hall and step out directly into the track. Sometime I’ll pass Vasaloppet, hopefully next year!