Skyresponse Launches WardenLink: Revolutionising alarm handling for Assisted Living


Skyresponse, a leading provider of digital alarm handling platform, is excited to announce the launch of WardenLink and WardenLink Smart, a groundbreaking wireless smart warden call solution designed to transform Assisted Living solutions. WardenLink offers a patented, advanced, fully digital, and cloud-based solution tailored to the needs of assisted living, sheltered housing, and retirement living facilities across Europe.

Innovating the Future for Assisted Living

WardenLink is engineered to address the pressing challenges faced by the care sector including outdated analogue systems, high installation costs, and inefficient alarm handling. By leveraging the Skyresponse’s cutting-edge platform, WardenLink provides a reliable, scalable, and customisable solution that ensures seamless integration with existing systems and supporting future technological advancements.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Digital Transformation: Transition effortlessly from analogue to digital and even smart systems with our cloud-based platform, ensuring your operations are always future-ready.
  • Advanced Alarm Handling: Eliminating bottlenecks with dispersed alarm handling, allowing for immediate response and efficient management of all types of alarms.
  • Customisable and Scalable: Build a tailored setup that meets the needs for each unique scheme, with the flexibility to scale as your organization grows.
  • High Security and Reliability: Benefit from AWS-powered servers and cloud storage, ensuring high security, redundancy, and full coverage across large areas.
  • Cost-Efficient and Easy Installation: Reduce expenditure with our wireless solution, easy to install and maintain, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective transition from existing systems.

Empowering Installers and Service Organisations

WardenLink is designed to empower both installers and service organisations. Installers can expand their offerings with a versatile, future-proof solution, allowing service organizations to enhance the quality of care delivered to residents through efficient alarm management, whilst reducing administrative burdens.

Future-Proof and Vendor-independent 

WardenLink offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility, allowing users to choose hardware and service suppliers without being locked into a single vendor. The WardenLink solution consists of plug-and-play components to enable tailored installations, eliminating the constraints of a “one size fits all” solutions. Skyresponse offers one Platform with multiple solutions: Nurse Call Solution, Warden Call Solution and an Alarm Response Centre.


"We are thrilled to introduce the new solution - WardenLink - to the market. Our solution represents a significant step forward in the care sector, providing a reliable and efficient system that meets the evolving needs for wardens and their residents," said Mats Berthem, CEO of Skyresponse. "With WardenLink, we are committed to enhance the quality of care and operational efficiency for our partners and their customers."



Visit the website for more information about the WardenLink solution

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