Meet Vayyar Care, our new Ecosystem Partner


The latest addition to our Ecosystem Partner Network

Meet Vayyar Care, the latest addition to our Ecosystem Partner Network. Vayyar Care’s touchless fall detection solution has been successfully integrated into the Skyresponse platform and the solution provider is now a certified Ecosystem partner of Skyresponse.

Vayyar Care delivers instant, accurate and fully automatic fall detection, protecting elderly and vulnerable care users from the catastrophic consequences of “long lies.”

The solution’s advanced radio frequency sensors provide passive 24/7 monitoring, without depending on hard-to-reach buttons or wearables that users may have neglected to put on. And since Vayyar Care is completely camera-free, it maintains privacy at all times, operating in pitch darkness and even in steamy bathrooms.

What’s more, Vayyar Care detects the minor falls that often go unreported, but which are the leading risk factor for future, severe falls. Ideally suited to nursing homes and dementia care facilities, Vayyar Care’s fall verification mechanism also overcomes the issue of nurse call system overuse, which can lead to caregiver alarm fatigue and potential delayed response.

“Partnering with Skyresponse is central to our growth strategy and I’m delighted that the certification and integration process is now complete,” said Rotem Geslevich, Director of Business Development EMEA at Vayyar Care. “I look forward to continued close collaboration with the Skyresponse team to deliver an industry-leading falls management offering.”

The Skyresponse Platform is a 100% true cloud-based SaaS platform that offers a seamless and efficient way to receive, handle and manage alarms and events, with a full audit-trail.

The Platform is appropriate for businesses that offer alarm and event management to organisations within care, facility management, safety and security. If you have several hardware devices or products, multiple use-cases, personnel and signals needing management, Skyresponse can help you handle and streamline your entire operation by using one unifying platform. Outperform competitors and become an industry leader in the digital age by choosing the platform as part of your business offering, while still maintaining full vendor independence.

Mats Berthem, CEO of Skyresponse says: “Vayyar Care is a great addition to our Ecosystem Partner Network, especially for our partners offering solutions for nursing homes. Certifying and integrating Vayyar Care into the Skyresponse Platform will generate significant value for both parties and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.“


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