Interview with Ruben Real, International Sales Developer


"On top of being a great piece of technology, its amazing to be part of an organization offering solutions that can improve lives and keep people safer, it almost feel that you are helping to do so!"


What is your background? How did you become the professional you are today?
I have a Master in Computer Engineering from Universidad Jose Antonio Paez (Valencia-Venezuela). Back then I was programming in C# as part of my career but at the end of my studies I've discovered that I was fascinated by doing business so I decided to open a little company which provided tech solutions for small business, mostly hardware and network infrastructure. It was a very natural shift perhaps because my father was a Commercial Director for many years and he used to take me to his office and talk to me about his job, maybe I got to listen too much.

Then, I moved from my native country (Venezuela) to Belgium in 2010 where I had the fortune of working with fast paced start-up's in the SaaS scene, working with partners from different markets such as LATAM and EMEA.

It was a very exciting time when software was switching from on-prem applications to the beauty of the "cloud", back then it was a pretty new approach specially for ERP solutions and business apps which is an industry I've worked with for 8 years so everything was moving and changing so fast.

From 2010 until today was the period when I discovered that I enjoy very much building and maintaining successful business partnerships for different industries, and... it keeps going with Skyresponse.


How did your journey with Skyresponse begin?

Skyresponse Head of Sales sent me a message via LinkedIn in Swedish, and I thought... Alright, someone is trying to sell me something. Thank god I've translated the message and I realised that he was telling me about an open position, so I answered "sorry, I don't speak Swedish, so if the position is for a Swedish speaker I'm not your fella".

Then he replied in English and told me that Swedish was not required, so we had a great interview, it was instant connection and just got better and better along the process.


What was it with Skyresponse that caught your interest?

On top of being a great piece of technology, its amazing to be part of an organization offering solutions that can improve lives and keep people safer, it almost feel that you are helping to do so.


In what way have Skyresponse impressed you?
It's flexibility and versatility is almost unbelievable, it's amazing that one platform can connect so many elements in a simple way and its great to hear that nowadays when I talk to partners, they get impressed the same way.

Describe Skyresponse as a work place...
Everyone is very welcoming and helpful, Im delighted to be part of such a team of experienced and talented professionals that built what Skyresponse is today.


What is the key to a good customer relationship?

I think that transparency and honesty are key to keep a sane and fruitful relationship, not just in business, but at any level.


What do you contribute to your team?

I'm a very energetic person and that's something that my team members always described as contagious, I think that mixing that energy with enthusiasm could bring positive vibes to the team and this is key for any company atmosphere.

When you are not working, what do you do?

I try to run at least 3-4 times a week to keep body and brain active and healthy. As I'm based in Lisbon, sometimes I do body boarding when the sea is not freezing, but my real passion is Music. I've been playing music for more than 20 years, so very often I'm playing my electric guitars, piano or bass in my music studio (neighbours are not very happy about it) and sometimes I still play live gigs with my rock'n'roll cover band Electric Kandy in Brussels, Lisbon or somewhere in Europe.

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