Interview with Erika Pettersson, new Chief of Finance


"Skyresponse has impressed me in the genuine care my colleagues put into their work and the focus everyone has on creating high quality solution to the problems that appear."

What is your background? How did you become the professional you are today?
I have worked within finance, in different lines of business, all my career. Starting out in general accounting, moving on to different type of manager- and controlling positions to working as a CFO for the last couple of years have given me a broad experience of the topic. I really enjoy the craft of well-kept books and systems that are fully automated and integrated. But the red line through my career has always been the questions “is there a better way?” So, this is what I have spent most of my worklife trying to answer. “How can we make the numbers really help and drive the business and make the people using them feel empowered by the control and clarity of vision it can bring them?”

What was it with Skyresponse that caught your interest?
For me it’s important to work with something that feels meaningful and exciting. The important role the technology of Skyresponse plays in making our community a better and safer place was one of the first things that made me interested. I am also a naturally curious person so this being a new line of business for me made me I wanted to learn more. Some steps into the process when I learned more about the focus on company culture and employees also made it sound like a place where I really would enjoy working, those questions are extremely important to me.

What are you looking forward to when joining Skyresponse?
Firstly, the people! I have had such an engaged and warm welcome so far and I am really looking forward to being a part of the team. Also, to work with a company with such a clear vision and focus on growth without losing sight of other important values feels like a place where I can really add value.

What do you think you will contribute with to the Skyresponse team?
I am a very curious person and I love to improve and develop the way things are done to see how we can be even more efficient and profitable. I am also very much a people person so in addition to helping the organization with analysis, improvements and developing the business. I also believe I´m a very good colleague with a big heart and a focus on maintaining a good environment and culture in the workplace. And hopefully I´ll be really fun to work with!

When you’re not working – what do you do?
As an outdoor-girl at heart I spend as much of my free time as I can outdoors hiking with my husband and dog. I also love to travel and then preferably to a place with ancient ruins and good food. Otherwise, I´m trying to keep healthy so I do yoga and go the gym and I’m also a licensed spinning instructor, so I teach classes regularly at my local gym.

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