Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse: Skyresponse and long-term partner Hepro launch revolutionising Nursing Home Solution

Skyresponse, a leader in alarm and event management announces its extended collaboration with Hepro, a pioneering provider of healthcare technology. Together, we proudly introduce “Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse”, a nurse call solution designed to transform the way nursing homes operate across Europe and beyond. With focus on simplicity, efficiency, and futureproofing, Hepro Response aims to empower Solution Providers and nursing homes with a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and support services.

The Hepro Response Nurse Call Solution is a holistic offering, encompassing; hardware, software, configuration, site-planning, change management, onboarding, education and ongoing support. It addresses the evolving needs of modern nursing homes, ensuring smoother operations and enhanced patient care.

Tailored for Solution Providers worldwide, the Hepro Response solution provides a modern, well-proven, and future-proof Nurse Call System from the Nordics to their customers, including private and state-owned nursing homes.

Key features and benefits for Solution Providers include:

  • Simplified installation process, reducing time and costs
  • A more cost-effective solution with minimal cabling and technology requirements
  • Full support, including hardware delivery, configuration, and site surveys
  • White-label option for Solution Providers to brand the solution as their own
  • Vendor-independent solution offering freedom of choice
  • Faster time to market for Solution Providers, to deliver a complete solution to its customers from day one
  • Future-proof design allowing for integration of additional technologies and devices
  • Compliance with full audit trail requirements (logging and reporting)
  • Scalability, flexibility and ease of replication for consistent service delivery
  • Enhanced customer relationships through tailored solution delivery
  • Business model supporting both CAPEX and OPEX investment

The collaboration between the two Nordic companies, Skyresponse and Hepro ensures a seamless integration of software and hardware to deliver unparalleled efficiency and scalability. The Skyresponse platform adapts to the specific needs for nursing homes and complements Hepro's market-leading expertise, resulting in a solution that is efficient for Solution Providers, customers, and end-users alike.

Anders Gränsmark, Head of Sales at Skyresponse, commented on the partnership:

"For Skyresponse, this is a natural step in our development of providing future-proof and efficient services which change, improve and further develop the way companies and partners deliver their solutions. Together with Hepro, we are developing our offer for partners and customers to build on the 'Nordic model' across the EU and UK."


James Jacobs, Head of Export at Hepro, commented on the partnership:

"Having worked closely with Skyresponse over many years already, and having integrated and developed a lot of welfare digital technology into and with their alarm receiving/management platform, we are very confident that many more care settings (care/nurse homes, and other forms of living), will be well served with our tried and tested model, now also outside of Scandinavia. This is an exciting step for Hepro, and we look forward to bringing this solution to many of those in the midst of their digital journey, as we have the tools they need to be successful."


Amidst the digital transformation of healthcare services in Europe, the Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse - Nurse Call Solution emerges as a beacon of innovation, addressing the pressing need for improved technology in care delivery. By offering a complete solution that encompasses hardware, software, and support services, Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse sets itself apart from competitors, providing a scalable, adaptable, and future-proofed solution for nursing homes worldwide.


For more information about Hepro Response – powered by Skyresponse, please visit https://www.heproresponse.com.

On the 17th of April we will be presenting the solution on a live webinar. Click on the link below to sign up for the webinar: Sign up here! 


About Skyresponse

Skyresponse is an established and trusted Swedish Software-as-a-Service company which provide a 100% true cloud-based alarm management platform used by major international care and security organisations across the public and private sectors. Skyresponse offer a flexible, secure, and resilient alarm management solution for distributed as well as centralized response centre alarm handling within Technology Enabled Care, Nursing Homes, Smart Buildings and Facility Services. 

Skyresponse has around 800 companies and organizations that uses the company’s services around Europe and is now handling more than 13 million alarms and events through the platform each month.


About Hepro

Hepro is one of Norway's leading company in technical aids and welfare technology. The company was established in 1987 and has its headquarters and production facilities in Rognan, Northern Norway. We develop and manufacture products and solutions that make life easier for all ages. Our dedicated team of around 80 employees shares the vision of breaking barriers and creating an active and safe everyday life. We have offices in Asker, Bodø, Trondheim, and Elverum – in addition to the headquarters. The company is owned by the Stockholm-based listed AddLife group. With more than 85 independent subsidiaries and over 2,300 employees, AddLife is a leading player in "Life Science" in the European market. Hepro is certified according to the ISO standards 9001:2015 and 14001:2015. In 2023, the company had a turnover of 300 MNOK.

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