Trendwatch: The Digitalisation of the Real Estate Industry

Smart Buildings

More than half of the world’s assets are in real estate. Despite this, the industry is far behind in digital development. But change is in the air – and the newly established investment company Buildroid is taking the lead.

Making the real estate industry smart

Today, digital development in the real estate industry is driven by a number of parallel initiatives. This means that all companies must start from scratch when implementing their technology in buildings and other properties. A process that could be made more efficient by a horizontally homogeneous solution. That is exactly what Buildroid, an investment venture by Stronghold Invest and Vincero, wants to do. The goal is to create an industry-wide infrastructure for digital real estate services. A solution that is scalable and creates the right conditions for services and applications to be installed in a property to make it smarter and more efficient.

“You can compare it with apps and smartphones. The smartphone is the platform and the apps are new technological solutions. This is what Buildroid wants to create for the real estate industry. Not by building the technology ourselves, but by investing in companies that can,” says Jacob Philipson, partner and proptech business developer at Stronghold Invest.

Not like other investment companies

What distinguishes Buildroid from other investment companies in the real estate industry is that they not only assist with financing, but also help the companies to roll out their technology on the market. Many start-ups have cutting-edge technology under their roof, but not the contacts required to reach out to the end customer and present it. As both Stronghold Invest and Vincero are strong players in the real estate industry, they can open many doors.

“Our niche is that we have a foothold in the real estate industry. You not only get financing, but also an opportunity to roll out your technology on the market. There is no other player in the entire Nordic region that has that position,” says Jacob Philipson.

A spider in the web behind leading players

As mentioned, Buildroid will not build the technology themselves. Instead, they want to help other companies that have the potential to become a piece of the platform they want to create. In short, assist with financing and contacts to help companies with the right technology to have the conditions to act. This is where Skyresponse comes into the picture.

“We see Skyresponse as a potential player for the real estate industry. We believe that alarm handling, in particular, may well be an important area for optimizing certain costs for the real estate industry,” says Jacob Philipson.

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