Your Response Centre Platform as a Service

Skyresponse Central is a next-gen, decentralized Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that lets your team monitor and receive alarms on desktop and mobile. It provides a desktop interface for centralized locations, and a mobile interface on the go.


Centralized or distributed

Skyresponse Central is a cloud based ARC solution that allows for alarm handling both centrally and for mobile personell.


Rules-based alarm handling

Due to the powerful Skyresponse platform, you are able to granularly govern how different types of alarms are managed.

Audit trail

Detailed logs provide a comprehensive audit trail of how alarm or events have been handled.



Whenever possible, Skyresponse Central surfaces alarm unit position data to the operator on an easy-to-read map.


Integrated voice communication and telephony

A broad line-up of functionality for voice calls across the public telephony network or as VoIP.


Supports all alarm protocols

Fully supports modern IP-based, digital protocols and older, analogue communication.

Protect, care, and take action

Skyresponse Central offers ample opportunity for existing and new response centres to level up.

Digitally transform an entire response centre

Skyresponse Central, our alarm receiving centre, combined with Skyresponse Platform, the award-winning alarm management and handling platform.

Digitally transform an entire response centre

Supplement existing solution

By building your response centre on Skyresponse Central, you reap the immediate rewards of a powerful, decentralized solution.

Your Response Centre Platform as a Service

An open, seamless platform

Benefit from multiple software integrations like EHR systems, business systems and user-friendly federated logins to make the everyday experience smooth.

Get up to speed right away with our user-friendly platform

Spend less resources on training and more time responding and handling alarms – Skyresponse offers a user-friendly platform that requires minimal training for everyone using it.

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