Nurse Call System for Care- and Nursing Homes

The Skyresponse Platform is modern, vendor-independent, cloud-based (wireless) and built for flexibility — a strategic ingredient in a wide range of applications — that gives you a proven stabile solution with minimal operational errors for your Nurse Call System.

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Future-proof your Nurse Call System

For Nursing– and Care Homes we believe you can benefit from either customising your own solution where you know what hardware, sensors etc should be included into your offering. Together we build a tailored solution that meets your requirements while allowing you to have a solution that separates you from the competition.

Or use our ready-to-launch-solutionwere you can easily go to tender with a flexible Smart Care solution next week, and start making the first deployments within a month. You will offer your customers a system that is scalable, adapting to your end-customers needs and future-proofed.  It is easy to install/setup, and you can manage different use cases by just configuring the alarm distribution as needed.

Vendor-independent platform

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