Yorbl believes everyone should have the option to live independently, that’s why we develop advanced digital telecare solutions designed to place the ever-changing needs of its Users at the centre of their care journey.

Working with the health, housing and care industry our mission is to deliver innovative personalised digital telecare, designed to stand alone or seamlessly integrate, providing unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, offering an unrivalled range of standard features and functionality.

With a vast array of digital super- features, our Vita Range has a solution to suit you.

Care Smart Buildings

Yorbl Vita

Our entry level, low-cost digital dispersed alarm.

Yorbl Vita

  • Aggressively priced, easy to deploy steppingstone into digital healthcare
  • Direct button & box replacement
  • ALL standard Vita range features & functions
  • “Over the Air” feature changes/updates and upgrades to Vita+, Vita Hub
  • Designed to be permanently powered/docked with battery backup
  • Case with kickstand and screen protector available
  • Includes 1 x FREE Amica Gero Wearable


Yorbl Vita+

Our amazing flagship digital dispersed alarm system​.

Yorbl Vita+-2

All Vita features/functionality plus: -

  • Connect up to 4 Amica Gero wearables
  • Supports the full range of sensors for health, home, activity and environment monitoring.
  • Additional customisable functionality such as “Request a Repair”.


Yorbl Vita Hub

Our super-powered, user-centred digital community living solution.

Explore the unparalleled features of Yorbl Vita Hub, designed to elevate resident safety and well-being in the digital age.

Yorbl Vita Hub-1

Full Vita/Vita+ Functionality plus:

  • Interoperable digital video door entry functionality
  • Digital voice/video warden call
  • Apartment to apartment video calling
  • Voicemail
  • Landlord messaging (i.e. “Request a repair” etc)
  • Available on 6.5″, 8″ and 10″ android tablets with connectivity to smoke/fire alarms etc.
    • Wall or table mount
  • Also available on Akuvox door entry systems


Amica Gero Personal Alarm

A wearable that looks good and wears better, Bluetooth technology, IP66 waterproof, so wearable you won’t want to take it off!

Amica Gero

  • Connectivity to all Vita devices
  • Single push for “I’m OK”, long push/double push for SOS
  • Includes fall detector functionality.
  • Rechargeable
  • IP66 rated


Sensors & Peripherals

The Yorbl range of sensors and peripherals introduces cutting-edge technology, offering a graphical representation of gathered data.

From iBeacons to SMART Plugs, each device serves a unique purpose, and the collection continues to expand, catering to diverse user needs.

Smart-Plug-Door-Sensor-2 Ibeacon-and-Bed-sensor-1



Yorbl Analytics 

Inform, power, predict, prevent – Yorbl analytics provide a graphical view of collected data in an easy to use and readily accessible format, meaning organisations can identify and modify how clients live their daily lives, making a positive difference. Ultra secure Data Cloud using AWS & UK based infrastructure.

 Yorbl Analytics Screen


Cool tech, that is our motto! So, what are you waiting for? Ready to get Yorbl’d?



Website: www.yorbl.com