Sensio is a leading provider of fall prevention, silent nurse call system and social care technologies. Sensio work to solve today's and tomorrow's care challenges for the benefit of both residents, patients, care workers and society.




Sensio, formerly Safecall, is the Nordic region's leading provider of welfare technology and solves today's and tomorrow's care challenges for the benefit of citizens, patients, healthcare staff and society.


Safemate makes it easy to call for help in emergencies – both inside and outside the home, and locate users even without triggering an alarm.

Safemate Trigger Two

Safemate Trigger Two is a mobile security alarm that has been developed and adapted by Safemate.

Safemate Trigger Four

Safemate Trigger Four is a mobile security alarm that supports 4G (and not just 2G).

Safemate Watch Two

The Safemate Watch Two is a GPS watch that comes in a black and white design. The watch can locate with GPS and Wi-Fi. The watch communicates on 2G. The watch does not support 4G.


RoomMate is a ground-breaking safety sensor that reduces and detects falls through advanced algorithms. RoomMate is the healthcare staff's and users' best supporting tool for more dignified care for the elderly.

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