ProKNX is a widely known French company in the KNX Home Automation sector. The innovative company makes offline smart-home assistants to use in different environments, such as homes, hotels, and offices.  ProKNX strongly believes that developing technology that can be used while protecting the privacy of the user is essential. They also make offline smart-home speakers with special features to allow frail people to stay in their homes for longer.


The ProKNX team is dynamic and responsive. They are committed to advising and helping their clients to realise their projects under the best conditions possible.

“What’s said at home stays at home”. ProKNX passionately guarantees it!

We actually have two websites now.  One is the regular ProKNX one for all business, and the 'hey aragon' one is aimed specifically at presenting the Aragon smart speaker.  It would be great if you could put both, but if only one is possible, we would prefer to have the

HeyAragon website on the description: and

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