Posifons services provides the possibility to be more independent without loosing out on the safety of the help from family or friends on short notice if needed. 

Care Safety



Posifon Pico® is a Swedish-designed GPS alarm and mobile security alarm that works no matter where you are in the world


Posifon Nano is a Swedish-developed mobile security alarm with GPS function.


Posifon Navy is a mobile security alarm that works both indoors and outdoors.


Smartsole is a unique mobile security alarm that is placed in the shoes.


Posifon Keruve gives you the option to keep your old watch but at the same time have a location alarm around your wrist.

Pico Pro

Posifon Pico Pro is a Swedish-designed GPS alarm and mobile security alarm.


Medido 3.0 belongs to a new generation of smart medication reminders with a basic function that is as simple as it is ingenious. When it's time to take medicine, Medido reminds via sound, light and speech. Medicine is safely stored in the device and becomes available with a simple push of a button.

Watch Henrik Essunger, CEO, present Posifon at the Skyresponse Ecosystem Partner Webinar: 

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Website: www.posifon.se