MariCare is the leading provider of Sensor & Care Solutions. Since its introduction to the market in 2005, MariCare Systems has been the forerunner, and has been selected for its performance and for its unique new features for improved service and quality in Elderly Care facilities.



Elsi smart floor

The technology around Elsi® Smart Floor is similar to today's touchpads and tablet computers; so it's reliable and safe. Touchpads operate in one of several ways, including capacitive sensing and conductance sensing. The most common technology used as of 2010, entails sensing the capacitive virtual ground effect of motion on the floor, together with the position of a user´s fingers on the relative position on the operating system's screen.

Elsi® Smart Floor is the operating system; it tracks the motion and position of human bodies relative to their positions on the floor, e.g., in elderly care homes or senior care home apartments, etc.

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MariCare is the leading supplier of sensor technology for the healthcare sector.