Hepro Nattuggla

Digital supervision with security camera. Ensures a good night's sleep for users and saves time for healthcare personnel. As well as warnings of falls, calls for help etc.




The Night Owl is utilized by healthcare personnel for secure and safe monitoring of care recipients. The solution consists of a smart camera equipped with the best available security features in the market. The Night Owl has built-in 4G to ensure seamless communication with crystal-clear audio, allowing for regular dialogue. It also has in-built WIFI, and can be connected with POE. New features are introduced through software updates, and the municipality decides which functions they wish to utilize. The Night Owl is approved by the Norwegian Health Network for use in the healthcare sector.

 Some important features include:

  1. Anonymized Supervision: Ensures privacy and confidentiality during monitoring.
  2. AMS – Automatic Furniture Scanning: Automatically scans furniture for enhanced monitoring.
  3. Two-way Communication: Enables communication between healthcare personnel and service recipients.
  4. Integrated 4G, Wifi, and LAN with PoE: Offers integrated connectivity options for seamless communication.
  5. High-Quality Imaging: Provides high-quality images both in low light conditions (at night) and daylight.
  6. Easy Installation: Facilitates a straightforward and user-friendly installation process.

Alarm Types:

  1. Fall Alarm: Triggers an alarm in the event of a fall.
  2. Chair Fall Alarm: Activates an alarm if the person falls out of a chair.
  3. Bed Fall Alarm: Sounds an alarm when a person falls out of bed.
  4. Upright in Bed Alarm: Raises an alarm if the person is in an upright position in bed.
  5. Leaving Bed Alarm: Triggers an alarm when the person leaves the bed.
  6. Extended Time in Bathroom Alarm: Activates an alarm if there is an extended period in the bathroom.
  7. Room Abandonment Alarm: Sounds an alarm when the room is left unattended.
  8. Not Returning to Room Alarm: Triggers an alarm if the person does not return to the room.
  9. High Sound Level in Room Alarm: Activates an alarm in response to a high sound level in the room.

The Night Owl can be used in institutions, shared living spaces, and for individuals residing at home.

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Hepro Nattuggla

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