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Genus, The Heart of Care

At Genus, we aim to decrease loneliness and reinforce the confidence of the elderly and people with disabilities. We do so by allowing them to stay connected with relatives and healthcare professionals through accessible technology, fostering a seamless support network.

Our partnership with Skyresponse enables personalized, predictive care, improving outcomes and operational efficiency. By prioritizing inclusivity and connection, Genus Care alleviates stress on professional caregivers and fosters a sense of belonging among our clients.

A single point of contact in the living environment for connection to family, friends and care. Also a single point of contact for technology enabling elderly or people with needs to feel safe and connected.

The Genus device, alongside the Genus App and Portal, streamlines communication through comprehensive monitoring of the living environment and daily routines, ensuring safety and peace of mind for all parties involved.

From in-home settings to care centers, Genus facilitates essential functions such as audio/video calls, medication management, and personalized support services. Our system is adaptable, offering features like fall alerts and lifestyle monitoring, tailored to individual needs.

Genus is extremely simple to use for both the client, the family and the caretakers. Through our Genus and its peripherals, we support matters such as personal alarming, day rhythm measurement, daily task support, medicine reminders, living environment measurements, fall alarm with GPS and much more.

Experience Genus, fully integrated with Skyresponse and see why it is the Heart of Care.

Watch Stephen Westley present Genus Care at the Skyresponse Ecosystem Partner Webinar: 

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