Essence SmartCare

Essence SmartCare is committed to empower businesses with comprehensive excellent solutions that enable them to provide holistic, future-ready care to their customers.

By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a deep understanding of the evolving needs of the elderly population, they are redefining the standards of care, ensuring that every individual receives the support they need to live with dignity and independence.  

Essence SmartCare mission is to deliver uncompromised care in every aspect:  reliability, superior service, and innovation.


Products integrated into the Skyresponse Platform: 

  • Essence SmartCare Digital Telecare
  • Essence SmartCare Family Activities of Daily Living Solution
  • Essence SmartCare MDSense Non-Wearable Falls detector
  • Essence VitalOn Remote Patient Monitoring



Essence SmartCare is redefining again in place with a visionary holistic approach.

We understand the importance of a simple user experience, especially during emergencies. That’s why, alongside wearable devices, we’ve developed non wearable solutions like radar and voice activated alerts, ensuring help is always within reach.

Our platform offers complete 360⁰ monitoring, providing a complete view of both health and mobility indicators for people in their own home.

All our solutions are digital based and allow our partners to seamlessly move from outdated analogue products.

View videos for more information: 

Essence SmartCare is setting a new standard for Elderly Care excellence with NO compromises. (

Radar Technology to Detect Senior Falls (

VitalOn: Always On, Always Well (