Careium is the market leader in technology enabled care across Europe, currently providing around 400,000 people with their services.




Doro 211 is a very easy to read cordless phone, thanks to its ultra-high contrast backlit screen that displays full names and numbers, without scrolling text.

Careium Eliza

Eliza is a unique innovative welfare hub. With its elegant design, it offers the best possible security and reliability for users, alarm centers and service providers.

Doro Eliza

Doro Eliza is a digital security alarm and a welfare hub. It can be adapted to future needs and connected to many various accessories and welfare services – giving the user a customized solution.

Careium Eliza S

Eliza S is a slimmer version of Careium's flagship – the digital welfare hub Eliza.

Careium CareIP Mobile

CareIP® Mobile offers a completely digital solution and communicates using GSM, GPRS and/or IP/internet

Careium CareMobile

CareMobile is an IP/GSM only carephone that transmits alarms to the alarm receiving centre via the GSM/GPRS network


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