Webinar Series: Presenting Skyresponse Ecosystem Partners

23rd of April 

Time: 10:00-10:30 UK time 

Speakers: Stephen Westley, Genus Care and Keith Chessell, Whzan

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Skyresponse has an extensive Ecosystem of trusted Partners with readily available products and devices. In this Webinar Series we will present some of them. 

As the leading provider of alarm management and integrations for connected products, Skyresponse offers a comprehensive Platform with a seamless nervous system that reacts to events and incidents immediately. Guaranteeing the right person, the right resources or the right system is reached in time, every time.

By using and integrating with Skyresponse you can take advantage of the benefits from our network and unlock new business opportunities and growth in the evolving world of emergency response. 

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Skyresponse Ecosystem is a network of high-value, trusted suppliers and vendors already integrated into the platform.

As a partner, that gives you full access to implement any device from any supplier within the Ecosystem, without an extensive project.


By integrating with Skyresponse, you can tap into our established network, gain exposure to new customers, and leverage our brand reputation to drive your growth. The power of open API’s enables the opportunity and possibility to easily integrate new devices for alarm and event distribution, which makes Skyresponse a fully scalable and future-proofed Platform.  


In this webinar - 23rd of April - you can expect to learn everything you need to know about: 

  • Genus Care - At Genus we aim to decrease loneliness and reinforce the confidence of the elderly and people with disabilities. We do so by allowing them to stay connected with relatives and healthcare professionals through accessible technology, fostering a seamlesss support network.
  • Whzan - We collect resident and patient health and activity monitoring data and ensure it is immediately sent to those who need it most - clinicians, carers, emergency services or friends and family.

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New Whzan Logo

Whzan Digital Health, based on the Isle of Wight and established in 1998 develops innovotive software systems to monitor health and social activity.

Our Blue Box portable telehealth system has been commissioned extensively by the NHS and is used in over 3000 care settings monitoring more than 140,000 patients reviewed by almost 40,000 clinicians and carers. 

Whzan has completed multiple integrations with other NHS systems including TPP SystmOne, EMIS, Rio, Adastra, the National Records Locator and many local record systems providing an end-to-end solution to receive vital signs and alerts in the event of deterioration.

The Whzan Guardian System is deployed by UK Local Authorities to provide low-cost monitoring of behaviour and activity within homes of vulnerable people leading to earlier detection of deterioration. The impact of the system and accompanying app is enabling people to stay safer at home for longer.

Both systems are integrated with Skyresponse.

Learn more about Whzan - click here.  

Genus, The Heart of Care
At Genus, we aim to decrease loneliness and reinforce the confidence of the elderly and people with disabilities. We do so by allowing them to stay connected with relatives and healthcare professionals through accessible technology, fostering a seamless support network.
Our partnership with Skyresponse enables personalized, predictive care, improving outcomes and operational efficiency. By prioritizing inclusivity and connection, Genus Care alleviates stress on professional caregivers and fosters a sense of belonging among our clients.
What makes our collaboration special:
Genus and Skyresponse both share a philosophy whereby we enable Care through the use of smart technologies. Combing our platforms, through an deep integration, we enable a simple to deploy solution which immediately delivers a personal connection, peace of mind whilst saving time for the Client, the Caretaker and family/friends.
What started as a "simple" alert being sent to the Skyresponse platform has now evolved into a seamless integrated system whereby Clients can add GPS trackers or alert buttons to the Genus system and having any alert being automatically added to the Skyresponse dashboard. With a simple click an integrated window is opened and a video connection is set up. We believe that Genus and Skyresponse should work on the best available technology, so Caretakers have more time to focus on helping their clients in the possible manner.


We at Skyresponse want to offer you the freedom of choice and use the best of breed

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