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Webinar: Move from Analogue to Smart Care

Date: 1st of June
Time: 09.00-09.45 CEST (08.00-08.45 GMT+1)
Location: Zoom webinar

The market within Telecare is changing rapidly. The population is ageing, the numbers suggest that people are now living longer. The older population is also generally healthier and more independent that ever before. Thanks to innovations in Telecare, this direction is unlikely to change. Additionally, the older generations prefer to stay at home longer and are now more receptive to modern devices and solutions.

You probably know all this, but what are the major trends within Assisted- and Ordinary Living? And how can you take advantage of these trends? Listen to Skyresponse CEO, Martin Reidevall, talk about how we can learn from the digitalisation in the Nordic countries, and how you can frog leap from Analogue to Smart Care already today.

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