Warden call system for Sheltered Housing

Upgrade your alarm handling with our vendor independent cloud-based routing platform, that allow the linking of dispersed alarm units to either the on-site manger (via a Smartphone App) or to a 24hr call centre, suitable for Sheltered Housing.

Upgrade your alarm handling with the Skyresponse platform and find synergies with your other modern IT solutions

Our approach is a little different than traditional warden call systems provided to the market by our competitors. Rather than employing dedicated intercoms which are hardwired back to a central control unit, our solution provides a cloud-based routing platform to allow the linking of dispersed alarm units to either the on-site manger (via a Smartphone App) or to a 24hr call centre.

The alarm devices are typically configured to use either Wi-Fi or the cellular network for connectivity. Whilst this concept might be new to the UK it is well developed and deployed across the Nordics.

Make use of your already modern solutions and future-proof your offering.

Vendor-independent platform

Why partner with Skyresponse?

The benefit of our approach is the complete configurability of every service user, the provision of a complete audit trail for call data and the ability to specify voice recordings (both on-site and off-site).

The system will support as many onsite personnel as is required and calls can be received by staff members or the call centre no mater where they happen to be. The warden call system also supports wire free door entry linking to the alarm unit, the service users fixed phone or a mobile phone.

As the system will work with any digital device, which Skyresponse do not specify and leave you to pick from the range of devices available, the sourcing of equipment becomes very simple and quick.

The power of the Skyresponse platform


Smart Personalised Care

Receive benefit realisation by implementing Smart Care Solutions, already today. Tailor the equipment to accommodate your needs, use cases and offering.


It’s flexible

Instead of being limited by a system’s hard-coded reaction options, the Skyresponse platform was designed to let you do almost anything with an event or alarm once it has been emitted.


It’s future-proof

Skyresponse is agnostic to hardware and has an open API, ensuring that future solutions and technological leaps are easy to add and benefit from.


A vast ecosystem

Odds are that there are fantastic partners already connected to Skyresponse that you can easily integrate with, too.

What is included?

Our warden call solution provides a cloud-based routing platform to allow the linking of dispersed alarm units in fully flexible alarm routing including the on-site personell (via a Smartphone App) and to a 24hr call centre.

Our mobile app - distributed alarm handling on-the-go

App used to receive and respond to alarms. Skyresponse Mobile is an optional component of your Skyresponse solution, enabling personnel to receive alarms on the go. Because of our mobile apps, Skyresponse becomes a strong decentralized solutions in addition to the empowerment it adds to centralized response centres. A decentralized, mobile alarm management solution is not only practical in any organisation that aims to be dynamic, but is an important component of assuring quality care - fast and reliably.

Leading alarm management platform for elderly care

Our Response center UI - 100 % cloud based - with no software required

Use the modern and highly adoptable interface for daily operation. - Join different alarm handling depending on role and time of day - Flexible design that can be adjusted to customers own process - Dedicate specific resources for specific alarms - Generate alarm by incoming call - Record all actions and calls for a complete audit trail - Include media such as Video and Sound recordings - Real time positioning on map (indoor and outdoor) - User-friendly interface that does not require extensive training

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