Make smart buildings smarter

Modern facilities depend on fast and dynamic problem resolution. Gain complete control over how IoT signals are being routed in your facilities.

Distribute alerts and events across systems

The constant innovation in buildings and building management puts high demands on the technical platforms that support it. The Skyresponse alarm management platform enables you to distribute IoT events and irregularities accurately across systems.

A stable foundation

Knowing that you’re working with a world-leading alarm management solution, will grand you peace of mind to focus on your core business of developing efficient smart building solutions for occupants and staff.


Decentralize, automate and customize

Customize alarm flows precisely and scale usage with growing business needs

Vast integration possibilities

Future-proof and tailor your alarm management solution by integrating with other platforms within the Skyresponse ecosystem

Guarantee that actions are taken

Use Skyresponse reliable event routing to ensure that actions are taken when needed, either by the closest operative or as delegated through the configured rules and settings

Opportunities of the cloud

The opportunities of event signal management in smart buildings walk hand-in-hand with world advancements. Today, we care just as much about energy waste, utility costs and pollution as we did about facility safety and maintenance ten years ago.

Making the event routing flow more intelligent helps you get the most out of smart energy meters, fire alarms, security alarms, pollution monitors, and more. With Skyrespose's ecosystem, there is always a smarter, more effective way to manage alarms and events.

Reduce risks
Reduce maintenance costs
Optimize facility performance
Tailor smart entities' behavior to individuals and groups


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Alarm Handling with Skyresponse:system

Skyresponse:system is a cloud-based and future-proof platform for flexible and secure alarm and event handling in IoT. Read more about how it works in this whitepaper.

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