Implementing and Embracing Smart Solutions to Improve Elderly Care Homes throughout Europe

With the availability of modern smart solutions today, nursing homes and elderly care homes
can create a less stressful and more conducive working environment for both care providers
and care receivers, by implementing these newer solutions and replace their old and outdated

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3 Ways Data is Shaping the Future of Elderly Care

As we approach another phase in the technological landscape of elderly care, data-driven and data-based solutions are shaping up to become the face of the future of elderly care. With the emergence of smart solutions, internet of things (IoT) ecosystems are increasingly becoming the optimal choice in telecare and elderly care, making the use of data more important today.

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The Future of the Care Industry: Leapfrog from Analogue Systems to Smart Care

With smart care solutions being available today, it’s important to explore the possibility of transitioning straight into smart care from analogue solutions, and how this can benefit both the end users and the providers. Using a modern and capable platform can make the transition as smooth as possible.

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Meeting the Demands of Telecare Through Modern Solutions

Digital telecare has a multitude of significant benefits, most of which will keep growing continuously as systems and technologies continue to develop. With modern systems in digital telecare, the time it takes to connect users with care providers is greatly reduced.

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Understanding the Migration to Technology Enabled Care

While the benefits of technology enabled care are quite clear nowadays, skepticism on digital telecare is still prevalent, which is why understanding the importance of migrating to technology enabled care is equally important to knowing its benefits.

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Creating efficient workflows for alarm handling

A datasheet that helps explain how to create efficient workflows with Skyresponse.

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Data Lake for Custom Reporting and Analysis

Alarms and events handled by Skyresponse:system generate lots of data. To help you better understand how your application is used and to gainadditional insights, this data can be made available in a data lake.

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Alarm Handling with Skyresponse:system

Skyresponse:system is a cloud-based and future-proof platform for flexible and secure alarm and event handling in IoT. Read more about how it works in this whitepaper.

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Enabling Your Response

An overview on creating subscription-based services with Skyresponse:system

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Cloud Services for Secure Alarm Handling

A resource that describes how to work with cloud services for secure alarm handling.

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