Reliable alarm management to ensure the safety of people in the field

Tailor the way your alarms are distributed and managed. Integrate your own devices to leverage the connected, Skyresponse ecosystem.

cloud based alarm management

There is nothing more important than keeping safe. We enable you to develop secure and flexible personal safety solutions with robust alarm handling.

Skyresponse features granular event distribution chains, meaning that you are able to specifically decide where an event signal should go when triggered—whether to a response centre of choice, a colleague or internal resources

Why Skyresponse for your personal safety solution?


Digitally transform an entire response centre

Customize alarm flows precisely and scale usage with growing business needs


Indoor alarm positioning

Position the transmitting person once an alarm is triggered, with precision down to a few meters


Vast integration possibilities

Future-proof and tailor your alarm management solution by integrating with other platforms within the Skyresponse ecosystem


Digitally transform an entire response centre

Utilize Skyresponse’s Safeclick button or find other ways to synergize within your ecosystem

Mobile Personal Safety

An easy and secure personal alarm in the phone to make users feel safe at work and during leisure time.

Signal redundancy

Alarms are sent as both data traffic and SMS to ensure delivery

Reliable alarm management to ensure the safety of people in the field

Include all the data you need to take action

Alarms can be supported by more data beyond just location and time of submission, e.g. by images or sound recordings

Distributed administration and customisation

Accounts and settings are distributable within the teams, enabling hassle-free, decentralized administration

Skyresponse Alarm

A mobile personal safety solution contains many moving parts, and our Skyresponse Alarm app is a great way to ensure safety on-the-go.


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