Leading alarm management platform for elderly care

A future-proof cloud-based solution to ensure action on alarms in family care and professional care—with or without response center

"With Skyresponse, is it 50% shorter lead time to integrate new products than other comparable alarm management platforms."

- Martin Petersson, Technical Manager, Doro Norway AS
cloud based alarm management

We believe in using the latest technology in order to offer the care givers a safe environment and care takers the best and most efficient solutions. We believe that open platforms are the best option to offer the most suitable and cost efficient solution, as it easily adopts to the latest technology and requirements.

We do this by continuously develop our cloud based alarm management platform. The platform offers default scalability, regular updates and functionality as well as redundancy and the latest security. The open design ensures the flexibility to add new services and products that suits for each different requirement of the customer or user. Via the possibility to manage both older and more modern alarm transmitters the platform can easily be deployed and integrated in existing alarm environments.

Why Skyresponse for your personal care solution?


Flexible alarm handling processes

Due to the flexibility of the system, it can easily adopt to existing business process and also support the innovation of new and more efficient process. As an example, the same alarm management platform can support both ordinary living and nursing homes/sheltered living, using only mobile response or in combination with a manned response centre.


Decentralise your staff

Skyresponse does not depend on a physical, central response centre. Thanks to our cloud based platform, the only thing needed to handle alarms is a PC or a mobile phone. This results in a robust and flexible alarm receiving service for use in large alarm centres, by municipalities or companies.


Guarantee response

Flexible alarm routing helps guarantee that alarms are always handled or escalated—by relatives, the nearest care workers or by your response centre.


A secure platform

Thanks to the cloud infrastructure we also benefit from its technical advantages within security

  • Continuous updates
  • Full scalability
  • Redundancy
  • Best in class IT-security

Our response centre platform – as a service

Combine your solutions for sheltered housing and sheltered homes with Skyresponse Central – the complete geographical independent platform for alarm management for Alarm Centers (ARC), supporting the team with a fresh customizable interface for alarm distribution with PC and mobile.

Digitally transform an entire response centre

Skyresponse Central, our alarm receiving centre, combined with Skyresponse Platform, the award-winning alarm management and handling platform, guarantees virtually unlimited scalability, high availability and a future proof solution.

Supplement existing solution

By building your response centre on Skyresponse Central, you reap the immediate rewards of a powerful, decentralized solution – and keep the door open to future advancements.

Our mobile apps

Skyresponse Respond

App used to receive and respond to alarms

Skyresponse Mobile is an optional component of your Skyresponse solution, enabling personnel to receive alarms on the go. Because of our mobile apps, Skyresponse becomes a strong decentralized solutions in addition to the empowerment it adds to centralized response centres.

A decentralized, mobile alarm management solution is not only practical in any organisation that aims to be dynamic, but is an important component of assuring quality care – fast and reliably.

Leading alarm management platform for elderly care


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