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Enhanced data quality enables municipalities to make informed decisions, prioritize alarms, and improve care

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"With the integration, social services no longer need to manually do the referral process, register users into the system. It is an absolute win in terms of time efficiency."

In the realm of healthcare and emergency response, seamless data management can be the difference between life and death. The integration of data handling systems into existing alarm management platforms has emerged as a game-changer, offering numerous benefits to stakeholders across the care spectrum.

In a recent interview with Martin Petersson, the IT Operations Manager at Careium Norway, we gained valuable insights into the transformative impact of integrating data handling systems, (such as EHR-, CRM-, Scheduling- or Social Case Management Systems etc) into the Skyresponse platform, known as Careium Connect. Martin provided illuminating examples from their collaboration with the Norwegian municipality Kristiansund, shedding light on the tangible benefits experienced by both service providers and end-users.

Martin's role at Careium encompasses overseeing the integration and management of Skyresponse, a critical component of their operations since 2018. Discussing their collaboration with Kristiansund, Martin highlighted the pivotal role integration played in streamlining operations. He emphasized how integration alleviated the burden on social services by automating user registration processes. Martin remarked; 

With the integration, social services no longer need to manually do the referral process, register users into the system. It is an absolute win in terms of time efficiency”.


Beyond time savings, integration facilitated better decision-making for municipalities by ensuring access to updated and accurate data. Martin elaborated on this, stating; 

Municipalities benefit from enhanced data quality, enabling more informed decision-making. With accurate data at their disposal, municipalities can effectively prioritise and respond to alarms, ultimately improving the quality of care delivered.


The advantages of integration extended to the emergency response centre as well, where operators experienced heightened efficiency and improved workflow. Martin explained; 

Integrations has empowered our operators to deliver more qualitative work thanks to access to precise and up-to-date data. This not only enhances the operator’s ability to respond effectively but also ensures compliance with GDPR regulations by minimizing the storage of sensitive user information.


The success story with Kristiansund serves as a testament to the transformative power of integration in healthcare and emergency response. Martin emphasized the importance of continued collaboration and innovation in harnessing the full potential of integration.

Looking ahead, Martin expressed optimism about expanding integration efforts and exploring new digital supervision solutions. He noted;

As we continue to innovate and collaborate, there’s immense potential to further enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of our services. Integration opens doors to a myriad of possibilities, and we’re committed to leveraging them for the benefit of our stakeholders.


In conclusion, Martin's insights offer a compelling case for the integration of data handling systems in social care and emergency response. By streamlining processes, improving data quality, and enhancing operational efficiency, integration stands as a cornerstone of modern care delivery. As Careium Norway continues to champion innovation and collaboration, the integration of data handling systems will undoubtedly remain at the forefront of their efforts to deliver exceptional care to those in need.

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