"We complement each other as companies in a very good way. iZafe has the products and Skyresponse has the platform."

- Martin Strand, Product Manager, iZafe AB

iZafe develops and sells products and services within security and health care, with a wide range of personal alarms.

This is a part of a series of case studies with Skyresponse customers, written to shed some light on what one might expect from working with Skyresponse.

Background & challenge

iZafe develops and sells products and services within security and health care, with a wide range of personal alarms.

When iZafe began its collaboration with Skyresponse, the challenge was to make the product portfolio connected. iZafe needed to make the services easier to use, and more practical, for both the end consumer and iZafe’s own employees. An important factor in deciding to work with Skyresponse was the ability to integrate analogue equipment into modern technology. The competence, experience and knowledge in the security industry as well as the broad network of contacts Skyresponse possesses were also a decisive factor in the final decision.

Devices and services


To optimize the end consumer’s overall experience, iZafe’s services and products have been linked together through the Skyresponse platform. The product portfolio has been packaged in a standardized way so that it can more easily be configured, distributed and managed. If new services or hardware need to be implemented, they can now easily be added to the existing framework, which means a more efficient process from idea to launch.

Skyresponse’s solution has also added a flexibility that allows iZafe’s units to also interact with the broader ecosystem (with both devices and services) outside the Skyresponse platform.

In addition to an alarm management platform, Skyresponse has become a filter and a bridge between different alarm centers and the hardware, which has resulted in a significantly stronger system efficiency than before.


Today, all iZafe products and services can be derived from a service or function within Skyresponse. The companies are closely linked, and through a well-functioning collaboration, we have created an efficient work process to design new functions, services and hardware. By taking advantage of Skyresponse’s network, history and ecosystem, iZafe can today deliver optimized and established services in security, while at the same time implementing new functions and exploring new opportunities. Skyresponse became a key ingredient in an optimized overall experience for both parties.

We have never asked a question or suggested a new function where the answer has been: it is not possible. Skyresponse has solutions to all our wishes!

– Martin Strand, Product Manager, iZafe AB

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