"Before we made the final decision, we were offered the opportunity to try parts of the Skyresponse solution, and then discovered that it matched all our needs."

- Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO Hepro

This is a part of a series of case studies with Skyresponse customers, written to shed some light on what one might expect from working with Skyresponse.

Background & challenge

Hepro is a modern and progressive company that develops, manufactures and sells welfare technology that helps people live an independent life in their own homes for longer. For example, they provide lifts for home use, rollers and an alarm management platform to support people in their everyday lives.

The collaboration with Skyresponse began when Hepro was looking for a cloud-based solution with no limitations when it comes to integrations. They needed a platform that was flexible, easy to understand, easy to use and that could be integrated against all kinds of hardware, servers and different kinds of housing, in this case both special and ordinary living.

Hepro Example Product – Hepro Respons


Hepro is responsible for alarm management in special residences across many municipalities where alarms generated in a department are received by the staff in the Skyresponse app on their smartphones. There is also the possibility of escalation, which means that if no one in the first department responds, the alarm will escalate to several departments.

For people living in their homes, Hepro uses equipment where the alarm goes directly to the Skyresponse app in which the home service handles the alarm. But since the solution is so flexible, some municipalities have chosen to link the alarm directly to a response center that handles the alarm and if necessary sends it on to the home service.


Today, Hepro and Skyresponse work as a team when creating new solutions and integrations for Hepro’s operations. If a unique need emerges in one of Hepro’s procurements, Skyresponse has the opportunity to customize the platform to meet the required need. At one point, Hepro was in need of a completely new comprehensive solution that was not available on the market. Together with Skyresponse, a tested and verified solution was delivered within one month and Hepro is now delivering this bespoke and unique solution to its customers.

Since the collaboration with Skyresponse began, Hepro has expanded its operations from 25 Norwegian municipalities to 160 municipalities in two years. An important role in this success is Skyresponse’s ability to customize its solution to specific needs and to offer a platform that has no operational disruptions whatsoever. In the future, the collaboration will be both greater and closer through the use of each other’s resources in a more efficient way.

The goal is to become the market leader in Norway and take more land out in Europe.

– Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO Hepro

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