Webinar: Analogue to Digital Alarm Management – Navigating the UK 2025  Switchover

13th of March 

Time: 09:00-09:45 UK time 

Speakers: Anders Gränsmark, Head of Sales at Skyresponse & Gunnar Reinholdsen, Co-Founder of 

Moderator: Steve Smith, Executive Director, TECS Advisory 

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Despite speculations regarding the Digital Switchover in the UK, the analogue network will be switched off in 2025. 

This will affect; alarm response centres, telecare providers and their end-customers. Many companies feel unprepared, a result of current market solutions not meeting the necessary standard. 

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In the Nordic countries the switch happened over 10 years ago and are now running seamlessly completely digital. Nordic cloud-native SaaS company Skyresponse and our technology partner have long-running experience with digital alarm management and alarm communication, and will use our knowledge and experience to assist and support our customers through this journey.  


So, where does the UK start? In this joint webinar, we hope to provide you with the tools and understanding of the available options for the transition from analogue to digital alarm management. We’ll explain how you practically go about transforming your solution, which hardware and software is compatible with digital solutions, which protocols you need to comply with, and how it’s made possible in the cloud. 

We at Skyresponse and want to provide a helping hand during your switch from Analogue to Digital

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In this webinar, you can expect to learn everything you need to know about: 

  • The risks - What will actually happen in 2025 when the analogue network switches off and the risks you’re running by not being prepared.
  • The Technology - Deliver a full walkthrough of the technology, its functionalities and the most common protocols i.e. SCAIP, NOW-IP, BS 8521:2009.
  • The Use Cases – How a cloud SaaS-solution is beneficial for alarm management within Sheltered Housing, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Arrangements and Response Centres.
  • The IT-security - Why a cloud solution is in many cases safer than on-site solutions thanks to it being less sensitive to technical errors, discontinuity or security breaches. 
  • The Analogue & Digital in parallel How to handle both analogue and digital alarms simultaneously during a crossover phase and available options. This enables you to not make all hardware rewiring and installations at once but still feel safe in knowing your critical alarms can be taken care of. 
  • The Long-Term AdvantagesHow you will be able to streamline your whole business through a more effective system. Adopting the digital transformation, reducing staffing pressures, increased safety for recipients and the ability to handle alarms more accurately. 
  • The ITEC-event in BirminghamHow you can book a face-to-face meeting with Skyresponse and the week after this webinar to discuss your alarm management and alarm communication. 

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Meet the speakers

Steve Smith

With over 30 years of senior executive experience in technology-enabled care (TEC) and communication network sectors, Steve has held MD/CEO roles in notable companies such as Modern Vitalcall, Tunstall Group, Cirrus (now Appello), and AlwaysON. Following a leverage buyout, he became owner and CEO of Welbeing. After the sale of Welbeing to Doro AB, Steve took on the role of Vice President of Care, overseeing telecare alarm receiving centers in the UK, Sweden, and Norway, along with global care product sales.

Anders Gränsmark - dark2
Anders Gränsmark

Anders is the Head of Sales at Skyresponse, a leading B2B software tech company. With long-term experience in sales leadership, Anders plays a pivotal role in Skyresponse's success. The company offers a cloud-born SaaS alarm management platform, recognized and trusted globally by response centres and solution providers in care, smart buildings, and safety.

Gunnar Reinholdsen

Gunnar is a co-founder of, a visionary company in cloud-based critical communication. With 20+ years in the telecom, IT, and IoT sectors, Gunnar has long experience in the complexities that solution providers face when integrating advanced communication into existing systems. are experts within alarm, voice and video communication technologies and protocols, and its platform takes care of the alarm communication in numerous care settings across Europe.

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Date: 13th of March 

Time: 09:00-09:45 UK time 

Speakers: Anders Gränsmark, Head of Sales at Skyresponse & Gunnar Reinholdsen, Co-Founder of 

Moderator: Steve Smith, Executive Director, TECS Advisory 


Can’t make it on March 13th? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you a link with a recorded version of the webinar afterwards. 

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