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Introduction: Facilities management challenges
Facilities management involves the coordination of many disparate processes within an organisation to develop and sustain services that maintain and improve the organisation’s effectiveness.

Among the major challenges facing today’s facilities manager are keeping up with rapidly evolving technology and balancing corporate efficiency, safety and social responsibility.

Rapid advances in technology have led to a plethora of systems within the facilities managers portfolio, and an ever-widening range of solutions for monitoring and managing these systems. With this increased complexity comes the need for automation to streamline processes and gain efficiency. Despite the rapid strides in automation, there is – and for the foreseeable future will be – a need for human action to initiate, augment or complete many processes.

Introducing Skyresponse:system
Skyresponse:system offers a new, innovative service that coordinates human interactions with business processes. It correlates alarm and event notifications from disparate sensors and systems and manages the scheduling and escalation of human responses.

Skyresponse for Facilities Management
Skyresponse:system has wide applicability in facilities management. Typical uses include:
•    Automatic call out of emergency services

Skyresponse – auto callout predictive maintenance trades personnel facilities management

•    Automatic call out of maintenance and support personnel
•    Escalation of trouble tickets to appropriate internal or external teams
•    Management of event handling for both new and legacy systems
•    Provision of full audit trails for alarm and event handling

Facilities management processes fall into two broad categories: management of space and infrastructure, and management of people and organisational resources. Skyresponse:system delivers efficiencies for processes in both categories. However, gains in the former category are often faster to realise and easier to demonstrate.

Building/infrastructure management comprises a major component of the former category and has experienced tremendous evolution and growth in recent years. Advances in technology have driven much of this. In particular, the widespread availability of low-cost sensors and the rapidly declining price of computing and storage.

Today, many building management subsystems including heating and ventilation, lighting, transportation, fire and security, and physical access systems generate alarms and notifications that in many cases ultimately require human action.

Skyresponse:system receives alarms from these systems (or from IoT platforms or other alarm/event aggregators) and distributes alarms or action notifications to the correct recipient(s). Recipients of alarms and notifications can be internal or external systems, internal or external service personnel, emergency services or other external partners.

Key benefits of Skyresponse:system
Skyresponse:system is particularly valuable to organisations that manage large property portfolios and to service providers serving property portfolio management companies and facilities managers. Key benefits include:
•    Cost reduction
•    Safety improvement
•    Efficiency improvement (e.g. more efficient use of human resources)
•    Service quality improvement (e.g. faster response times)
•    Simplification of compliance
•    Facilitation of new business models (e.g. SLA based service models)

Deploying Skyresponse:system
The core of Skyresponse:system is a cloud-based alarm and incident management system that integrates easily with corporate building and information management systems or service providers’ IoT platforms via a well-documented, open API.

Skyresponse:system uses mobile networks, the web and mobile phones and the Internet. The service is available wherever there is internet or mobile network coverage.

Skyresponse:system is already deployed in several major installations and has already established proofs of concept with several popular building management systems and IoT platforms.

Skyresponse supports several flexible deployment models. Customers can choose service packages based on the number of sensors, the number of buildings, specific service groupings or combinations of these.

Skyresponse alarm and alert receiving app for smartphones iOS and Android. Teams and personnel can respond to events and track and notify each other on progress.

Alarms and alerting display on Skyresponse cloud based Response Center PC web view

Skyresponse:system and Legacy Systems
Many traditional building management solutions employed Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to collect information and monitor systems such as lifts, lighting, heating, ventilation and air quality. Today, low-cost IoT systems or services (such as those provided by several of Skyresponse’s partners) in conjunction with Skyresponse:system deliver significant advantages over these difficult-to-maintain legacy systems. Additionally, since Skyresponse:system can interface with legacy systems, the transition can be smooth and painless.

Facilities Management Evolution
The field of facilities management is developing rapidly on many fronts. However, as noted above, many underlying processes will continue to require human action. Skyresponse:system is the premier market solution and aims to maintain its market leadership by continuing to enhance its ability to streamline man-machine interaction and provide the human links that complete key actions and processes.

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