A System for Industries

Skyresponse – for industries

How does Skyresponse:system work for industries?

In a modern smart factory industry environment, IoT connectivity is revolutionising how the status of equipment is monitored. Machines are equipped with sensors that generate an alarm when a threshold value is reached. The sensors are connected wirelessly to a central hub and a control room in the factory. IoT platforms are used to analyze the data and when certain conditions or combinations of sensor data are detected alarms and events and are generated.

Skyresponse:system then handles the distribution and resolution of these events in a highly efficient manner. Using a secure Rest API, the IoT platforms connect to Skyresponse which distributes the alarm to the correct personnel. This could be a service technician using a mobile app, service managers in the control room or in case of emergency a response centre. For example, when an IoT temperature sensor reaches a threshold temperature an alarm could be sent to the nearest technician for efficient and quick handling or to the control room for a speedy shutdown. All alarm and events are logged by Skyresponse and responders can retrieve additional information from the alarm info and the alarm log. All actions taken are fully traceable via real-time audit logging.

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