Partnership with ThingWorx

Skyresponse Brings Critical Alarm Service to Thingworx Platform, Solving a Key Challenge for Today´s IoT Projects.

Skyresponse, a leading provider of critical alarm services, today announced that it has joined the PTC Partner Network as a technology partner in the ThingWorx Ready Program, a program that allows third party companies offering complementary hardware, software, and/or analytics systems to validate interoperability with the ThingWorx® industrial innovation platform. The ThingWorx platform from PTC provides broad and robust sets of integrated IoT-specific development tools for developing innovative IoT solutions for a variety of industry applications.

Skyresponse’s leading cloud based alarm handling service is now available on the ThingWorx Marketplace™, the single source for 3rd party IoT solutions, technologies, and services built-on or specifically for the ThingWorx platform. The cloud based external response center service solution will enable ThingWorx users to manage any kind of IoT alarm and is available through a ThingWorx Extension, a special plug-in function available to developers working on Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The Skyresponse extension comprises the software code for the extension and a guide on how to use it. Skyresponse’s cloud-based alarm and incident management system is already in use today as a critical and pivotal component of a number of IoT applications. Skyresponse is globally accessible and the collaboration with ThingWorx will enable us to increase the worldwide adoption of the rapidly growing service.

“We are happy to bring our event resolution technology to the ThingWorx platform. This will enable a whole new service level for the IoT end user”, says Martin Reidevall CEO Skyresponse. “Until now, most alerts have been delivered as email or SMS. We offer a third way which takes alarm management one step further to ensure that actions always reach the right people, machines or systems through our advanced cascaded escalation capability.”

“ThingWorx Marketplace is open to our entire network of IoT solution builders and buyers, and provides easy access to third party IoT technologies, services and solutions that enable accelerated IIOT solution development and deployment”, says Kevin O’Brien, SVP, ThingWorx Partner Sales & Alliances at PTC. “Skyresponse’s advanced alarm handling service will enable ThingWorx users to manage events generated by the ThingWorx platform.”

How does it work?
Critical alarms requiring urgent attention can be sent from ThingWorx through the new extension to the Skyresponse platform in the cloud, where the alarms are distributed to ensure they reach the right response group. Skyresponse follows rules for how an alarm is handled and escalated which are fully configurable through a web portal. For example, if an alarm is not responded to within 60 seconds, the alarm can be sent to a fully staffed Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) to ensure a response. All alarms responded to and actions taken are also logged in a secure audit trail. This enables tracking of how events were handled, by whom and when for billing and auditing purposes.

Skyresponse provides full flexibility on where and how to process each alarm – either through a Skyresponse Alarm Receiving Center (ARC), via mobile apps carried by response personnel or by integrating with existing third party 24 x 7 ARC centers and other IT systems.
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