Partnership with IoT company ST Solutions

Developing alarm service for clean air measurement.

Alarm management company Skyresponse has entered a partnership with Scandinavian Technical Solutions (ST Solutions), to develop a concept for the measurement of clean air. The solution, which is based on Skyresponse’s cloud-based alarm management service and ST-Solution’s’ equipment for sensors and analyses, will continuously measure the air conditions in the event of deviations in, for example, factories, schools, and office premises, and automatically set off the alarm.

Making sure that the air is clean is crucial in, for example, factories and schools, but the same applies to office premises where many people work daily. Most companies and organisations currently have a number of components installed to clean the air, but not as many have a solution with an automatic alarm when deviations occur.

“By placing sensors in the air-cleaning units, it is easy to measure air conditions. Connecting these sensors to our alarm management system means that you will immediatley be alerted when there is a deviation from the initial values,” says Martin Reidevall, CEO of Skyresponse. “The concept which we are currently developing together with ST-Solutions helps us to take responsibility for the whole process. ST Solutions will install the sensors, and the will take responsibility for the analysis that will form the basis for sounding the alarm. Thereafter, a connection will be made to our cloud-based system that manages the entire process, from receiving and interpreting alarms, to dispatching them to the right recipient and ensuring that the alarm is managed and actions are taken.”

Skyresponse is growing within other IoT fields, including the healthcare sector, security, facility management, smart city and Industry 4.0, through a number of strong partnerships. Within all these fields, each user, machine, property, etc., there are a number of sensors installed at each location. Skyresponse is suitable for all kinds of IoT applications.

“There isn’t really a limit as to the type, or the number, of connected units and sensors that can be installed and connected to our solution, which is wholly sector independent. It is rather a question of knowing what is to be measured and why,” says Martin Reidevall.

For further information, please contact:
Martin Reidevall, CEO Skyresponse, Tel: +46 (0) 70 695 60 14

Dan Karlsson, CEO Scandinavian Technical Solutions AB, Tel: +46 (0) 70 619 13 11

About Skyresponse
Skyresponse (formerly Skygd) is a leading provider of distribution and management of alarms and deviations of connectes units. Our dynamic services form a digital nervous system, reacting to events and ensuring that the right person, machine or system is always reached. Skyresponse has cooperations with more than one leading partner, and the company’s cloud-based system solution enables new service bundles, where the services of the company are combined with the services of its partners. With the company’s landmark technology and its extensive experience, Skyresponse’s services are ideal for the growing field of IoT, irrespective of industry.

About ST Solutions
ST Solutions has developed a generic platform within the field of IoT, exqbe. The company’s solution makes it possible for the customer to easily create an infrastructure for data gathering and an analysis of its operations, both for real-time use and for analysing historical data, such as trend analyses. These aspects give the possibility to, in cooperation with Skyrespeonse, to fully take control of your business. The solution naturally supports direct connection to, and reading of, sensors (existing sensors, too), as well as data gathering from protocols such as Modbus and Canbus. This means that it is just as easy connecting new equipment, existing equipment, or a combination of both.

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